Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

As a TA I no It is Important to ask of feedback from the teacher and other colleagues I ask for feedback every 2 weeks firstly I asked the teacher how she thought I worked with the pupils and the other tat’s the teacher said you work well and you are all ways professional with the pupils and tat’s you are very helpful In the class room I ask the one of the tat’s In my class the same question they said I am a pleasure to work with and a great edition to the team I ask the teacher what she thought my strengths and nakedness are the teacher said you are helpful caring and much more the one thing you could I prove on is to be more talkative in class and in the staff room I asked the same of one of the tat’s in the class they said the Same but they said I need to work with different groups rather than Just the one I have talked with the teacher and me and her agreed that some team building tasks could help make me less shy when talking to my colleagues Goals and targets .

Get to no the members In my team better .

In prove English skills Get my seen training . Get further training In first lad How to achieve these . Team building . DOD English course . DOD seen course Do a advanced first aid courser’s 3. 3 me and my year 3 team Roles and responsibilities Teachers roles .

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Take care of every one In the class . Primary teaching to the pupils . Tell tat’s what they are required to do . Plan lessons Teachers responsibilities .

Make sure no one in the class adult or child comes to any harm . To tech the curriculum to the pupils To give each child a equal chance to succeed To make sure the children and the tat’s are doing their jobs properly Tat’s roles in the class room . Help the teach take care of the children . Secondary teaching . Perform any Jobs the teach asks them to do . Fat works as one to one or with a small group may help teach plan the lesson for that child or children . Make sure no one in the class adult or child comes to any harm . To help the teacher tech the curriculum to the pupils . To make sure the children are doing their Jobs properly and to the best of there ability

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher
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