The Responsibilities and Techniques, Advantages and Disadvantages of the Language Teacher

In my opinion, The Language Teacher endeavors to communicate the main idea that, for the foreign language teacher, the responsibilities and techniques that are inherent to the profession are far different than that of any other field of education. Other fields of education are communicated through a language that a student has already mastered, which make topics such as levels of fluency, communicative approaches, and how to obtain a higher degree of fluency irrelevant in these fields As a teacher of a foreign language, one must engage with the students in a manner in which the foreign-language teacher will serve more as a guide through learning a language than a dictator or a lecturert This manner of engagement is vital because of the fact that foreign language acquisition is field based upon sharpening communicative skills between individuals as opposed to lecture»based educationt Garza’s discussion on the topic of life-long learning particularly appealed to me as a non—native speaker of the German language who is entering into the field of German-language pedagogy.

As a non-native speaker, there are both advantages and disadvantages to instructing the language, I may possess insights as an “outsider” that native-speakers lack, but there are subtle nuances that I must continue to learn throughout my career as a language instructor.

I would highly agree with this module, in particular with the discussions about the ACTL Proficiency Guidelines, which provide instructors guidelines by with to judge not only the linguistic capacities of their students, but also their own linguistic competence These guidelines are an important tool for language instructors to utilize in creating their own classroom methodologies through cultivating the capacity to identify areas of language proficiency that should be targeted so that students may develop their own communicative skills.

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