Teacher As A Nation Builder Essay

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Essay Example on Teachers Are Nation Builders

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The importance of the instructor in national life can non be over-emphasized. It is he who influences the immature minds of the young person. He treats and attempts to model the life material into assorted signifiers. The hereafter of the state is fashioned by him through the procedure of instruction. A state seeking to process in front on the roads to come on can go forth the instruction of her boies and girl in the custodies of incompetent instructors merely at its ain hazard.

“The universe of tomorrow will be born from the schools of today” some wise adult male said. In this manner. instructors. so. is the true builder of the state. In the yesteryear. instructors were held by all in the highest regard. Even male monarchs and emperors used to look up to them for counsel and advice in hours of crisis. As a affair of fact.

instructors were the legal guardians of common public assistance. Teachers in those yearss were the true helpers of society.

Essay Example on Teachers Are Nation Builders

History is full of illustrations which clearly show that great determinations of critical importance to the whole state were taken on the waies of the instructors. The instructor is one of the pillars of the society and the state. Without good instructors. no state can come on. The importance of instructors in the life of a state can non be overlooked. Teacher is a shaper of adult male.

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He is foundation of all Education. and therefore of the whole civilisation of world. present and future.

No state Reconstruction is possible without the active cooperation of the instructor. A instructor builds a pupil who has belongingss like Discipline. Punctuality. Respect for seniors. Ambition. Faithfulness. Assurance. Responsibility. Cleanliness. Dedication. Good Mannerss. Devotion. Creativity. Sense of Competition. Patience. Knowledge. Positive Approach. Fortitude. Innovative. Self Reliance. Courage. SincerityIntelligence. Affection. Truthfulness. Obedience. Regularity. Patriotism. Self Evaluation. Honest. Hopefulness and that is what a underdeveloped state like India requires. Overall we can state that instructor is a state builder.

Essay Example on Teachers Are Nation Builders

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Teacher As A Nation Builder Essay
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