For The Protection Of A Nation

Covid-19, also known as corona, has put the whole world in a state of panic, fear, and dismay, as death tolls continue to rise higher and higher each day. The United States’ government has responded to the crisis by ordering a nation stay-at-home quarantine. However, due to the severity of the highly infectious disease, is this response enough? The answer is simple a no, and a nation-wide lockdown seems to be the only response to stop the spread. The need for a nation-wide lockdown shows an example from other countries, the fact that Covid-19 is an unfamiliar disease, and since hospitals all over America are flooded with cases.

The United States government has already seen countries suffer from the impact of Covid-19, now is the time to act for the safety of all citizens.

As already known, the virus has already infected thousands of people in the United States alone. European countries such as Italy took extensive precautions early in the discovery of Covid-19.

These include testing symptomatic and asymptomatic citizens, monitoring workers potentially exposed to the virus, and tracing the virus after detected in every case. In the early stages, Italy quickly became one of the largest countries to have an overwhelming amount of cases. Now, as the infection rates slowly come down, Italy has proven that a lockdown, consisting of little to none contact, stands effective in preventing the spread of the virus. According to Juliette Kayyem, who was the former assistant to homeland security, ‘We are seeing community spread in every state.

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You need the nation to shut down’ (Aizenmen, 2020). As seen in the example by other countries, a national lockdown proves to flatten the curb of cases, ensuring the safety of all citizens.

Scientists have seen similar viruses to Covid-19 however, this specific virus is unfamiliar to the world. Since it has never been seen, a proper vaccine has not been developed and will more than likely take the rest of the year to develop. Also, once the vaccine does come out, the ability to freely give out the medicine is not a for sure deal. Scientists working on developing a cure do not know for sure if once developed, there would be enough for the masses. ABC News states, “The reality is that this particular coronavirus is posing challenges that scientists haven’t dealt with before, according to Ian Frazer from the University of Queensland.” (Khan, 2020). With a national lockdown in place, it would secure the down drop of cases in the United States, therefore leading to a successful re-opening of the country with as many healthy citizens possible.

All over the country, hospitals are flooded with thousands of cases purging every single day. With this comes the fact that supplies are low and in high demand. With healthcare workers taking on the stress of caring for the myriad of sick patients, it would only be right to order an at-home stay to lower the number of new cases. When hospitals take on more than what can be handled disaster is sure to ensue. Doctors and nurses are working tirelessly around the clock with new cases coming in every day. If the government issued a stay at home order, the stress of new patients would surely be lifted from all the healthcare workers putting everything on the line for the safety of America.

To sum it up, a national lockdown is needed to bring back the country stronger, lower the number of patients needing an immediate vaccine, and relieve healthcare workers of the burden carried at work. With no current vaccine available, a nation-wide lockdown in response to Covid-19 proves to be the only stable solution. Although the stay at home order won’t show drastic results in the nick of time, it will prove to have been the right move. The government’s job to protect American citizens has never been more imperative. The time to step up and act is now. The Federal government needs to fight this disease devouring the country by simply ordering for all citizens to stay home amid this crisis.

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For The Protection Of A Nation
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