The Unfinished Nation, Chapter 12, Review

Topics: America
A catalyst for an American feminist movement was a London convention in 1840 that dealt with

A former slave, __________ __________ founded an antislavery newspaper and wrote his autobiography.
Frederick Douglass

Abolitionists successfully funded the legal battle and repatriation of Africans who seized the __________, a Spanish slave ship.

All of the following painters were associated with the Hudson River school EXCEPT
James Whistler.

All of the following people helped create a distinct American literature EXCEPT
Sydney Smith.

All of the following were American authors creating distinctively American literature EXCEPT
Asher Durand.

Americans contributed which of the following advances to medical science in the 1800s?
-William Morton’s use of either as an anesthetic.
-Oliver Wendell Holmes’s discovery that disease could be transmitted from person to person.

Both Perfectionists and Shakers
redefined traditional gender roles.

Due to their commitment to _____, all Shakers had to choose the faith for themselves.

During the nineteenth century, the largest obstacle to improved medical care in America was the
absence of basic knowledge about disease.

Edgar Allan Poe’s most famous poem, which established him as a major literary figure, was
“The Raven”.

Edgar Allan Poe’s work focused on individuals who were experiencing
emotions of sadness and terror.

How did Americans respond to the cholera epidemics of the 1830s and 1840s?
-Threats to public health led to increased interest in new health theories.
-Community health boards were created to address the spread of disease.

How did anti-abolitionist sentiments affect the abolitionist movement in the late 1830s?
Increased violence toward abolitionists created factions within the movement.

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How did free blacks in the North feel toward the slaves?
They were empathetic and became actively involved in the abolition movement.

How did Henry David Thoreau’s beliefs shape his relationship with government?
He refused to support any government that did not match his personal morals.

How did William Lloyd Garrison negatively affect the abolitionist movement?
His positions became radical, which troubled many in the movement.

In his youth, Ralph Waldo Emerson
was a Unitarian minister, until he left the clergy in 1832.

In “Nature” (1836), __________ __________ __________ described a quest for fulfillment through communion with the natural world.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

In order to practice his philosophy of withdrawing from society to live a simple life, Henry David Thoreau built a small cabin
near Walden Pond.

In the 1840s, abolitionists in the United States constituted
a small percentage of the national population.

In the early nineteenth century, the American Colonization Society
was founded by white Virginians opposed to slavery.

In the mid-nineteenth century, romanticism
None of these answers is correct.

In the mid-nineteenth century, the general European attitude toward American art and literature
was that American artists had little to offer Europe.

In the Oneida Community, women were protected from unwanted _____, while the most distinctive feature of Shakerism was _____.
childbearing: celibacy

In the West, missionaries established schools for American Indians, believing that
Indians could be “civilized” by learning how to assimilate to white culture.

One of the first communities of transcendentalists was
Brook Farm.

One of the most enduring of the pre-Civil War utopian colonies was

Popular nineteenth-century American painting aimed to capture
the wonder and awe of rugged, wild landscapes.

Prior to 1860, public education in the United States
gave the nation one of the highest literacy rates in the world.

Prior to the Civil War, free blacks in the North tended to be
strongly opposed to southern slavery.

Prior to the Civil War, the Liberty Party
promoted “free soil”.

Prior to the Civil War, the religious denomination most active in feminism was the

Reform movements emerged in America in the mid-nineteenth century in part because of a
desire for social stability and discipline in the face of change.

Romantic authors in the South were more likely than writers in the North to
defend the southern way of life, including slavery.

Shaker societies
saw women exercise more power than men.

Solitary confinement was meant to give prisoners opportunities to meditate on their wrongdoings and develop “__________.”

Southern antebellum writers often wrote
historical romances.

The antislavery movement in the early 1800s was based on the idea of

The black abolitionist who called for uncompromising opposition to and a violent overthrow of slavery in his 1829 An Appeal to the Coloured Citizens of the World was
David Walker.

The early feminist movement began at a world antislavery convention when
American women delegates were turned away.

The first great American school of painters was known as the __________ __________ School.
Hudson River

The founders of the Perkins School for the Blind believed that
even the blind or handicapped could discover inner strength and wisdom.

The great network of institutions and charitable services for handicapped individuals that developed during the prewar years was known as the
Benevolent Empire.

The Hudson River school of painters emphasized in their work the importance of
natural beauty.

The Massachusetts reformer who built a national movement for new methods of treating the mentally ill was
Dorothea Dix.

The meeting at Seneca Falls in 1848 generated a statement on women’s rights patterned on the
Declaration of Independence.

The most important and popular American painters of the early nineteenth century
considered untamed nature the best source of inspiration……????

The nineteenth-century Protestant revivalist movement, known as the __________ __________ Awakening, was based on the idea that everyone was capable of salvation and spiritual rebirth.
Second Great

The primary goal of the 1840s community experiment known as Brook Farm was to
permit all members to realize their full potential as individual beings.

The prison reform movement sought to rehabilitate inmates through
-solitary confinement.
-silence on prison work crews.

The pseudoscience of __________ made inferences about individuals’ intelligence and character by studying the shape of their skull.

The Second Great Awakening combined which two elements of nineteenth-century American culture?
-reform movements.
-Protestant revivalism.

The Supreme Court ruling in Prigg v. Pennsylvania (1842)
led to the passage of “personal liberty laws”.

The tradition of American regional humor established by the southern literary realists found its most powerful voice in the works of
Mark Twain.

The transcendentalists defined reason as an individual’s
capacity to grasp truth and beauty by expressing emotions.

The transcendentalists defined understanding as an individual’s
capacity to repress instincts and to use the intellect to learn by rote.

The transcendentalists viewed nature as a
source of deep personal inspiration.

The transcendentalists were among the first Americans to
anticipate the environmental movement of the twentieth century.

Through novels such as The Last of the Mohicans, James Fenimore Cooper examined the significance of
America’s westward expansion.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin gained national popularity in the mid-nineteenth century by being reproduced in which of the following forms?
-theatrical production.

Upon which document in American History is the language of the Declaration of Sentiments based?
Declaration of Independence

Walt Whitman’s poetry helped make _____ one of the defining ideals of antebellum America.

What has been the effect of marriage on women, according to the document?
Husbands essentially become masters.

What is the effect on the morality of women that results from male privileges, according to the Declaration?
Women become irresponsible.

What is the position of the Declaration of Sentiments on the question of female suffrage?
It is an inalienable right.

What most distinguished James Fenimore Cooper as a truly American novelist?
He celebrated the American wilderness.

What was the biggest problem facing American medicine in the first half of the nineteenth century?
Doctors had little understanding of how disease was spread.

What was the result for women who owned property in their own name?
They were taxed without representation.

What was unique about William Lloyd Garrison’s philosophy of abolition?
-He believed abolitionists should view slavery from the point of view of slaves.
-He believed that the antidote to slavery was full American citizenship for all slaves.

Which of the following accurately describe transcendentalists’ mode of communal living?
-They used manual labor to transition from a world of intellect to the natural world.
-They equally shared in the labor so each could have leisure time to cultivate the self.

Which of the following best describes formal schooling in the South before the Civil War?
African Americans were barred from formal education, and only one-third of white children were enrolled in schools.

Which of the following best describes the proportion of northerners who were pro-abolition?
a small minority

Which of the following best describes the state of public education in 1830?
No state had a system of universal public education.

Which of the following best reflects white male abolitionists’ attitudes toward female abolitionists?
It was inappropriate for women to be outspoken activists.

Which of the following is NOT a Mormon belief?
Life-long celibacy is important.

Which of the following major writers of the antebellum period was a southerner?
Edgar Allan Poe

Which of the following statements is true of free blacks living in the North in 1850?
They were at times poorer than slaves in the South.

Which of the following was NOT a demand made in the “Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions”?
Women should have their own social spheres.

Which of the following was NOT a health fad in the antebellum years?

Which of the following was NOT a reason that many northern whites were against abolition?
The abolition movement was rapidly gaining ground among whites in the South.

Which of the following was NOT an idea Walt Whitman celebrated in his work?
urban living

Which of the following were goals established at the 1848 Seneca Falls convention for women’s rights?
-the right to vote.
-equality with men.

Which of the following were NOT reforms implemented by Horace Mann?
-making school attendance mandatory for individuals under 16.
-lengthening the academic year to nine months.

Which of the following were problems for doctors in the early 1800s?
-Many traditional physicians mistrusted innovation and experimentation.
-They were not highly regarded in their communities.
-Many of their peers were quacks or poorly educated.

Which of the following women were among the leaders of the nineteenth-century feminist movement?
-Elizabeth Cady Stanton.
-Susan B. Anthony.
-Dorothea Dix.

Which statement about Mormonism is FALSE?
It advocated sexual equality.

Who among the following was NOT a participant in American communal living?
Walt Whitman

Who led the migration of 12,000 Mormons from Illinois to what would become Salt Lake City, Utah?
Brigham Young

Who wrote the 1841 novel The Deerslayer?
James Fenimore Cooper

Why did early efforts to end slavery by repatriating slaves fail?
Many African Americans were not interested in emigrating to Africa.

Why did many of the early feminists also identify as Quakers?
-Many Quaker preachers and community leaders were women.
-Many Quakers believed in sexual equality.

Why is the rhetoric of this document so effective?
The language is based historically on the Declaration of Independence.

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