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Final Project Plan Paper

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Paper type: Project , Subject: Hawaii

In 1 997 Hawaii initiated its process of internationalization to expand its business to n international scale. Progressively, Hawaii started to obtain successes both in its domestic market, emerging markets and mature markets in developed countries such as the US and European countries. In 2012 Hawaii undertook the Swedish company Erection’s position and became the largest telecommunication equipment maker in the world in terms of volume of sales. Up to date, it operates in more than 140 countries with more than 1 50,000 employees worldwide.

After their success in the domestic market Hawaii started their international expansion. It first decided to go for the ass way: markets in developing countries such as Africa and South East Asia. With this alternative internationalization process in developing markets came along a common limitation and negative brand image. This is why the Hawaii board decided to try to enter the European market. However, the main issue is for Hawaii in Europe is that they have a lack of previous experience and achievements to show their value to operators.

It is impossible for Hawaii to win any tenders when they have to face competitors whom already have decades of experience o relationship with operators. So, in order to successfully enter the European market, Hawaii wants to develop an expansion strategy for Europe, based on: Aggressive pricing and stable performance. The price factor is a key element Of the Hawaii competitive advantage. Indeed, to keep the price low, Hawaii was using Chinese workforce sent in Europe and delivering products manufactured in China.

Final Project Plan

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The brand name Hawaii was seen has a low-end bad manufacturer, so the company need to build a good reputation. Customer first, fast market response and free services. Strategic marketing operation to deliver free of charge a network to the operator. Moreover, Hawaii customized a software for its client. Thus, the operation was a success that astonished every operator’s perception of Hawaii. The initial Hawaii Europe Board requirements are: Ensure that the European regulatory framework allows the entry of Hawaii products in the European IT sector.

Ensure that there is enough market size for the entry of Hawaii products and competitors. How to build brand image for improving brand reputation. Ensure the need (or not) for adaptation of Hawaii products to the European arrest and the buying behavior. Ensure distribution channels and local logistics centers. Ensure the need for specific marketing programs for the European market. Identify the resources required to launch this expansion strategy, costs, schedule, potential risks and stakeholders.

Our project team and mission In this project plan we are going to define a plan on the expansion Strategy of Hawaii in Europe which will include a scope management plan, time and cost management plan, risk management plan and a stakeholders management plan. The project team working on this project plan consists out of: II . SCOPE MANAGEMENT PLAN In this section we are going to define the objective of the project and the work that needs to be done to complete the project successfully.

To do this we’ve created a work breakdown Structure which will identify the project’s final service and the deliverables needed to address Hussein’s requirements. We’ve also defined the resources needed for all the deliverables and the responsible person. In the work breakdown structure dictionary you will find a detailed description of the work breakdown structure components. To finish we made traceability matrix in which you will be able to see if all the deliverables are linked to the requirements.

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