Speech About Family Conflict

I never thought my younger brother Tom would get involved in drugs. He is only fourteen and he is mixing with the wrong crowd. My name is Phil and I have never done anything remotely like that I wouldn’t dream of it I am seventeen and Id like to think I’m mature enough to never do anything even half as stupid as drugs. I’ve told him several times that he’s wasting his life. The thing that really gets to me the most is that most weekends he staggers in drugged up to the eyeballs in the early hours of the morning.

He says it’s depression and that I don’t understand but one thing I do understand is a fourteen year old boy should not be on a drugs rehabilitation course and sleeping in gutters before he’s even eligible to leave school. His friends are partly to blame. They see that he’s an easy target and easily lead and they just use it, to provide them with entertainment and get him to do stupid things that they are to cowardly to do which to be honest is not what I call friends.

My dad has got to the point where he is thinking of leaving the family.

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He’s suggested sending Tom away to a military school but my mum thought it was preposterous and that idea was scrapped. It will be Monday tomorrow start of the week hopefully a fresh start for Tom, but we all doubt it.

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My parents are downstairs waiting and hoping that Tom will be back in time to go to bed. She is so distraught at the moment she says that if he isn’t then he’s going to be locked out of the house. She says this most nights but we all know that she’s just saying this in hope that it will shake him up a bit and possibly make him listen for once.

I woke in the morning I heard my parents shouting in the next room I heard my parents say that tom didn’t come back last night this wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Last time this happened my dad was driving round all night searching for him. He found him sleeping outside the corner shop like a tramp. He didn’t tell my mum this as it would’ve upset her to find out that her son would rather sleep on the streets than sleep under his own roof. My parents were still at it, it was getting louder and louder and I heard a door slam.

I think that was my dad, this is usually the way they finish their arguments. I was starting to get a bit concerned about where Tom had got up to this time so I threw on my clothes and rushed in to the next room to ask my mum what exactly was going on here. I was horrified to find my mum huddled up in the corner of the room. I asked her where dad had gone to which she replied with he’s gone and he’s not coming back. I swung the door out of my way and ran towards the car in a desperate attempt to save my family although it probably wasn’t worth saving.

I smashed the door of the hinges and ran outside hoping that Id fall over and knock my head and wake up as this being a very bad dream but reality is never that nice. I was looking for Tom hoping that if I found him I could make him stop dragging his life down and ours down with it, I had a pretty good idea of where to look. I never thought this would happen but I was actually pleased to see my brother. I peered through a window and I saw him lying on someone’s sofa. I turned to face the door and before I had to knock a boy of roughly the same age as Tom answered he blurted out with “what do you want”

I didn’t even bother to answer him. I just pushed past him and rushed towards the room where tom was lying. I firmly grasped his collar and hoisted him into the air causing him no choice but to speak to me. He pleaded for me to put him down but I told him that what I was doing to him now wouldn’t come close to what my mum is going to. I clutched on to his jacket to make sure he didn’t run off and as soon as we got home I threw him inside and shut the door. He looked up and saw mum still huddled in the corner.

He lowered his head as if to say I’m sorry I didn’t know it had come to this. I told mum to tell him what he’d caused but she was too hurt. She couldn’t even look him in the eye I told him straight that dad had left. It made me sick to say those words and what made it a whole lot worse was he actually didn’t look bothered by it all. I said to him you may not be bothered but mum and I are. Mum screamed for him to get out and she also said that she hated him and didn’t want to see him again.

Tom was actually affected by what mum had said and it caused him to storm off upstairs I heard the slam of his door and to be honest I wasn’t looking forward to the sound of it opening again. I staggered off upstairs and sat on my bed. I was in despair I rested my head in my lap and closed my eyes hoping it would all go away. I could still hear crying coming from downstairs I wanted to go and check if she was alright but I couldn’t bring myself to prise my head from my lap and go downstairs. As far as I was concerned, my life was over.

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Speech About Family Conflict
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