Two Kinds By Amy Tan Conflict

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There is often a major conflict between parents and their children. One side tries to show the other that their way is best and it should be taken seriously. Sadly if the other side does not comply or does not fully comprehend then chaos is sure to follow after. It is only when both sides can reason with each other that suitable solution is found that satisfies both ends. However I will write me views about the story coming from two different author perspectives.

The short story, “Two Kinds” written by Amy Tan is a story about a girl who resists her overbearing mother’s desire to make her into a prodigy.

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After reading this article, Contradiction and Culture: Revisiting Amy Tan’s ‘Two kinds’ (Again) by Kristen Dinnall Hoyte, I surprisingly found it to be amazing. I strongly agree on how Hoyte describe the title of the story. Two conflicting kinds, the sad and the angry, the prodigy and the failure, the American and the foreigner (Hoyte).

Hoyte and Jing-mei were of great disappointment to their parents, because they weren’t good at doing what their parents expected them to do.

And after seeing, once again, my mother’s disappointed face, something inside me began to die. I hated the tests, the raised hopes and failed expectations. Before going to bed that night I looked in the mirror above the bathroom sink, and when I saw only my face staring back–and understood that it would always be this ordinary face–I began to cry.

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Such a sad, ugly girl! I made high-pitched noises like a crazed animal, trying to scratch out the face in the mirror. And then I saw what seemed to be the prodigy side of me–a face I had never seen before. I looked at my reflection, blinking so that I could see more clearly. The girl staring back at me was angry, powerful (Tan 383-384).

Even though Jig-mei grows through a journey of attitude, I disagreed with Hoyte, claiming that the mother was the in the story victim and that the mother was also r…

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Two Kinds By Amy Tan Conflict
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