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Power and Conflict Poetry – The Charge of the Light Brigade (quotes)

“Valley of death”
The soldiers felt as if they were going to die and many of them did.

“Six hundred”
Emphasises the huge loss of human life, suggests that it is a waste.

“Boldly” “Charging”
Reminds us how the soldiers were brave – charged into what they thought was certain death, conflict can inspire this.

“Thunder’d” and “Flash’d”
Shows that the battlefield is a noisy, frightening and dangerous place

“Someone had blunder’d … theirs but to do and die”
Show that sometimes war isn’t as glorious as it is sometimes portrayed, if an officer makes a mistake it can cause the death of many men.

“Honour the light brigade, noble six hundred!”
The people that died in the charge should be thought of as national heroes and should be honoured.

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