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Essay Example on Conflict Of Interest

Conflict of interest refers to a situation where someone serves multiple interests, who may exercise his integrity towards one thus putting the others in jeopardy.

This issue is particularly relevant where there is business, professions in which a high degree of integrity should be expected.

Example of this is the importance of a fair and honest law, political representation, and various other forms of representation.

Conflicts of interest can also be defined as a situation in which a person in a position of trust, such as a lawyer, insurer, politic, administrative employee, director, or researcher in the medical field or doctor has opposing professional or personal interests.

Such competing interests can complicate the duty impartially. A conflict of interest exists even when he does not get the result of any unethical or illegal actions.

A conflict of interest can create an impression of impurity, which could undermine the credibility of the person in the professional or the judiciary. The conflict can be resolved in mediation and evaluation of all actions of the third party, but in any case, it exists.

Even if there is no evidence of actual effects of one interest on another, conflicts of interest still may exist. Conflicts of interest may be the credibility of the profession and professional harm. For these reasons, many professions demands on professionals (politicians, judges) to be recorded in public registers.

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Conflicts of interest in public service arise from the existence of opportunities for abuse of power.

Order of power and participation in providing opportunities for civil servants to manage significant material and human resources , they have access to information can dramatically affect the fate of a specific person, i.e., potentially public administration is subject to a conflict of interest.

In certain circumstances, situations of “inherent risk” of conflict of interest inevitably arise. They may relate to past, present and/or future interests. They may involve the use of expert on related research or development strategies or financing functions.

Conflicts of interest may occur in the level of boards to those of agency staff (directors, officers, experts and stakeholders in decision-making, through members’ boards of appeal “when they exist (e.g., EASA or within the ECHA in Europe, and for the national agencies of the same type) together with stakeholders organizations through scientific advisory committees, expert committees, forums and other places and processes of expertise.

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