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My initial interest in Medicine stems from when my grandad Paper

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My initial interest in Medicine stems from when my grandad was diagnosed with diabetes. From a young age, I have gone to many appointments with him which fuelled my interest into medicine. I enquired further into why his body functioned differently to mine and why he needed to take many tablets daily. After watching the doctors take care of my grandad and helping him become healthy again, I became more passionate about wanting to make the same difference for other people who may be suffering. Moreover, after reading a news article on a ‘pumping heart patch’ that could help save many people with heart problems that are life-changing, which propelled my curiosity into cardiology and how people are saved from these diseases daily by hard-working doctors. My studies in Chemistry have helped prepare me for university as I have completed independent research tasks on practical experiments and worked out a method and the results and risks that could occur. Working on how to identify different compounds, allowed me to gain wider knowledge on that topic. Through completing multiple different research tasks, I have also gained better logical thinking skills as completing these tasks require step-by-step methods. Additionally, in long answer questions an order is required to achieve the correct answer. When working in hospitals on placements or when studying separately a logical order is needed on how to do things so that more important tasks are prioritised.

Completing exams in biology has helped me to become more analytical as questions often need to be picked apart to be answered and require application of knowledge. This will assist me in university on this course because the knowledge learnt must be applied to real – life situations where a patient’s case would need to be analysed to find the best solution. Moreover, revising outside of college and completing past paper questions using websites such as tailored tutors has proven my strong work ethic which is imperative for this course due to the constant advancements in treatments for varying diseases as well as finding ways to treat new resistant bacteria.

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Throughout studying psychology, I have developed my written communication by writing essays and improving them based on feedback received to make my writing more clear and coherent. My essays and notes have become more succinct so are easier to understand for examiners. This work has been assessed which has also proven my time management skills when completing multiple assay questions. My experience in psychology will help me to balance my studies at universities along with placements and extra-curricular activities. Personally, I have enjoyed working on psychopathology and the biological factors behind illnesses such as depression. Additionally, exploring the behavioural norms around other people has allowed me to develop my debating skills during class discussions on whether experiments are ethically correct or not and whether the benefits of the research can outweigh the criticism. There are many ethical debates within the medicine sector and debating opinions is important to be able to make informed opinions.

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