It is inevitable when two or more people disagree on something. Conflict is a result of a misunderstanding because of a miscommunication. In the movie Hitch (Mordaunt & Tadross, 2005) we can notice an interpersonal conflict between two people due to a lack of communication. Communication is a key role in any relationship, whether platonic or an intimate relationship. When starting a relationship it is primordial to be able to communicate effectively from the beginning in order to avoid any conflict.

However “people are usually cautious about what they tell each other and how they say it, and they make a conscious effort to present positive information about themselves and to avoid conflict” (Sole, 2011). In this movie Hitch (Will Smith) and Sara (Eva Mendes) meet and are attracted to each other. They go through different stages of communication, talk about mostly everything while getting to know each other. Rapidly their platonic relationship turns into an intimate one.However even if the main characters are self-disclosing information with each other, Hitch leaves out pertinent information that would be shared in a relationship of this type.

The interpersonal conflict in the movie Hitch is a lack of communication. The main characters Hitch and Sara have a fight that could have been avoided had they communicated effectively from the beginning if they would have taken time to do so. The conflict initiated because during the plot, a friend of hers ends a relationship due to the advice of a date doctor or date specialist.

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Later on she finds out that the “date doctor” is Hitch; the men with whom she has just started an intimate relationship with. Sara confronts Hitch to find out if he was actually the “date doctor,” and he confirms that effectively he is the “date doctor. ” She does not want to listen to what Hitch had to say or even explain his side of the situation. He tries to reach out to her to explain what he does as a “date doctor,” but of course since she has already formed an opinion of him and what he does, she does not give him a chance to explain himself. Her attitude discourages Hitch to even try to communicate with her, and resolve the conflict.This movie gives us a perfect example of how a conflict was not handled effectively because assumptions were made, the character jumped to conclusion, due to this the issue became worse than it should have been. The communication dynamics in this was always done through someone else therefore one person would get upset, because he misunderstood the person that was giving him information. In the end of the movie, the interpersonal conflict was dealt appropriately, because both protagonists learned how to talk to each other and share their feelings, but it was a long process.The conflict in this movie escalated to the point that the couple communication style was quite aggressive “people who use an aggressive communication style tend to dominate conversations. They typically speak at a high or low pitch, and their tone of voice can be demanding” (Sole, 2011). Finally they realize that there is a conflict and work things out. Hitch is a funny, entertaining movie about interpersonal communication, in which we can learn that handling interpersonal conflict would be easier if people would just face their problems, and communicate with each other without getting upset, and aggressive.In the long run, it is better to just be oneself, which can avoid a lot of the conflicts that we can see depicted in this movie.References Mordaunt, W. , & Tadross, M. (Executive Producers), & Tennant, A. (Director). (2005). Hitch [Film]. Los Angeles, CA: Sony pictures. Sole, K. (2011). Making connections: understanding interpersonal communication. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. Retrieved from http://content. ashford. edu/books

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