Omovo's Forest Chase

Topics: War

I was most worried about what might happen to Omovo when he ran after the lady through the forest and got to the river. It seemed like he was going to run into a lot of trouble by following the lady all the way to her cave with the rest of the people she was with. 2. I think Omovo’s feelings towards the solders were more of fear and hate than anything else, it seemed from the beginning that he didn’t like them.

After he saw them at the bar and they spit in his face, I think he got the feeling that they were up to no good specially when they asked about the women. Omovo was very curious about the lady.

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She walked across the front of his house, all the other children said things about her that might or might not be true but he wanted to figure it out for himself. 3. I think his father told him about the eclipse because of the war.

His father said that on the eclipse the dead would get up from their graves to walk around and dance. I think Omovo knows that they aren’t really going to do that but he has an idea of why his dad said that. 4. The solders wanted Omovo to tell them if he saw the lady that walked in front of his house because she was a spy for the enemy and they needed to catch her.

Omovo refuses the money because he doesn’t think its right to tell them about the lady. He doesn’t even know her and he has good morals. 5. I think that Omovo follows the solders because he wants to know why they are following the lady and what the lady was up to every time she when by his house. He is just one curious kid. 6. It kind of seems like a lost world to me. All the things that have been lost in time are found there. All the things that he saw there are bad things that have happened to the world and that have been thrown out for other better and newer things. . I think that the lady took food to the people in the cave. I think this because she had a basket in her head and when she came out she didn’t have it any more. 8. I think Omovo feels a little put aside, like if his dad wanted to look good in front of the solders. He didn’t care about his son at that moment. His dad just cared about looking good in front of his “new friends” 9. The transformations were where a little weird, but I can see where they were going. If we keep war going were going to end up like animals.

War is an act of violence that we shouldn’t have to go through, specially now with all the atomic bombs and what not. I think it might be an illusion that he had, but they make sense. It would be a result of war if it were to keep going. 10. They are alike because they both talk about how war is bad and it separates the people that are together. It explains the horrible effects that war can have on a family or a friendship. They are different because the letter to my daughter talks about how the war is between nationalities and the shadow of war talks about how the war is between a couple of groups and not a hole nationality.

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