A Recollection of Childhood Memories in The Chase

In the heartwarming and expressive excerpt from The Chase, by Annie Dillard, she retells the excitement and thrill of one of her fondest memories as a child. Dillard begins by explaining her wholeheartedly passion at playing the sport football and expresses this through vivid imagery in order to convey every emotion she felt during that time. After demonstrating her aptitude with fitting in with the boys in her neighborhood, Dillard shifts the story to a cold and snowy morning after Christmas Day; this event not only gives us insight to Dillard’s friends, but also paints a clear picture of the background they grew up in.

The mischief of the children is detailed around white curled snowballs hurled towards vehicles, and when they all banded together, fired upon a black Buick.

Unfortunately for them, the adult got out of his vehicle and managed to hold pursuit with Dillard and one of her friends; captivated by the thrill of the chase Dillard runs through her neighborhood with profound excitement and amazement at the endurance of her adult pursuer.

This comes full circle when Dillard relates the effort of the adult with the effort needed in football and this inspires her before she and her friend are ultimately caught by the adult. Throughout the excerpt Dillard is able to recall every piece of this memory, and that truly expresses her fondness of said memory. It is the fact that she encountered such an ordinary man who was able to match and best her own abilities in such a way that impressed her.

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It becomes clear that she loves the thrill and is captivated by something that pushes her limits. Instead of feeling fear while being chased, Dillard reveals a joy like no other. Lost in her own head, she recalls this story with excellence, almost as if she wishes to relive this captivated thrill through her writing.

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