Science Reflection Paper

Reflection paper Sci-114 In this reflection paper I will address the elements of the course that I found most challenging, the areas which informed my understanding of an aspect of Earth science with what I already knew and list the areas I would have liked to have explored more in depth. In addition to this reflection paper I will address the concerns of global warming as well. The most challenging part of the course by far was the virtual lab work.

My problems with the virtual labs were that to solve a problem from the paper wasn’t very assessable all the time. Some of the questions were a little tricky and navigating through the browser wasn’t always simple. I did however appreciate the assignment instruction sheets you printed off weekly to help further explain what exactly we needed to do in depth. A topic area of the class that I was already familiar with, but was informed with more in details was the topic of sever weather.

I’ve never really understood air masses, lake-effect snow, fonts/formations cyclones before. Having to research and do presentations on server weather broaden my knowledge and understanding on this area which will be beneficial moving forward. The area in this course in which I would have liked to have explored more on would have to be plate tectonics and the natural catastrophes caused by them. I did get the basic general understanding of plate tectonics, but could have used just a bit more insight on them to familiarize myself a little more.

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Science Reflection Paper

The potential effects of global warming can be devastating. Global warming shows no sign of cooling down and will continue to cause problems here on earth as it’s already have. Average temperatures have already climbed 1. 4 degrees since 1980 and are climbing. The artic areas are feeling the effects the most with temperatures that have risen nearly twice the global warming average. Global warming will bring more server weather such as wildfires, heat waves and tropical storms if we continue to ignore this serious issue.

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Science Reflection Paper
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