Reflection Paper

Reflection Paper

Who Am I Reflection Paper


The purpose of this paper is to help me increase my level of self-awareness by using the Enneagram. This will enable me to know more about my behavior, and to understand how this affects the people around me. This topic is important to me because, I need to understand myself better in order to become more successful. I need to identify my strengths and enhance them, and I need to identify my personality style, which may act as a hindrance to my success.

I have worked in a team before, and I am aware that some of characteristics may not auger well with other people. The paper will begin by conducting a self-assessment, followed by the measures that I need to take in the coming months to ensure that I have a deeper understanding of myself and of the relationships that I have with other people. I will conclude the paper by noting how this assessment will affect me in future.

Areas of possible improvement

Some of the group members of different teams do not like the fact that I criticize them often, especially if they do not follow instructions. On the other hand, I also do not like being criticized because this means that I am not perfect at the work am doing. Sometimes I am moody, and this discourages people from consulting me on different issues. I would like to change this behavior so that I can be a better team player and help other members in completing our projects quickly.

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I have identified myself as a number 4 and 7 based on the Enneagram. My leadership paradigm as a number 4 is to ensure that people find a meaning and purpose for working in the organization. I identify myself as a number 4 because I am intuitive, introspective, and creative. I inspire people and I am compassionate towards them. I can be withdrawn and moody, and I can be deeply critical of others, in my search for excellence. My leadership paradigm as a number 7 is to get people excited and create innovative ventures, thus ensuring that the organization takes advantage of any new activities. This involves being curious and enthusiastic, while at the same time being imaginative and a quick thinker. I can sometimes be impulsive and rebellious, and I am unfocused because I often like to multitask. I avoid routine and painful situations.

I work with different people in the workplace, and some of our projects involve us working in groups. I work well with my team because I come up with solutions very easily. I look at things differently, and I am able to come up with creative and imaginative ideas. I motivate and inspire people to complete the project and ensure that we have completed the projects and fulfilled all the objects that we had set.

Action Learning

In the next six to eight months, I will take several steps to ensure that I enhance my interrelationships with other people. We are often assigned many projects at work, which involves us working in teams. I will involve myself in a project where all the team members will be of the same level and have the same contribution. No one in the team will be more superior, and all the members will contribute equally. I hope that by the end of the project, I will have learnt how to listen to other people’s opinions and I will have learnt how to take their advice. Since all the members have an equal say in everything, the members will be free to criticize each other.


I have identified myself as an intuitive and creative person who likes motivating people and inspiring them in challenging situations. The personality styles that I have chosen are a reflection of who I am. They have identified my different personality strengths. By highlighting my areas of weakness, they have enabled me to know the areas I can improve to enhance my relationship with other people. I have already identified a way that I can do this, and I believe that working with people with the same capacity as I am, or with people who are more superior than I am will enable me to learn how to handle constructive criticism and become a better person. I believe that the enhanced knowledge of self-awareness will help me in my professional career. I will be able to work well with people and I will improve my leadership skills to ensure that I become an effective project manager.

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