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Science Exhibit Reflection Paper

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Paper type: Reflection

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Cramming was the only the word that entered in my mind the night before the Science Fair in BAN Clara Elementary School. It was a stressful night yet everybody is doing their tasks for the success of the said event. I was assigned in doing the sashes for the Mr.. And Ms. Science Fair. We, the Program and Events Committee, successfully made it and everybody else. I worried because I will have a sleepless night before the Science Fair. But the next day, my energy didn’t go down. It was the day of the Science Fair, October 28 2013. I didn’t care about sleep and al I wanted was Just to get this event successful.

Essay Example on Healthy Eating Assignment

There were many children in the school and every one of them was so happy to see their “Dates” and “Kayaks”. They were so energetic and competitive that I forget the words sleepless and tired. The mentors were also competitive that it also made you want to cheer those little kids. The event was surely full of smiles and excitement. A long day but we were ahead of our time schedule. I was so happy that it will end earlier than what we had scheduled. The most awaited event, Mr.. And Ms. Science 2013, was the main event for the Science Fair.

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Teams chose their representatives and I didn’t expect that those kids would be so competitive and confident to participate in the pageant. Their teammates were shouting their team color to cheer their representatives. Winners were announced after the pageant and we finished the programs, activities and games. Overall, the BAN Clara Science Fair 2013 was a successful event. We surely had learned something in this event and hopefully, the kids also had earned more knowledge about the subject Science and enjoyed the event even though it was a tiring one. Kudos to all students

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