A Reflection on Selecting a Major in Biological Science in Psychology

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As a first generation Chinese American immigrant, I have personally witnessed and experienced the health disparities in this community. For most of these immigrants, they do not speak English well; they cannot find a job easily. Thus, the level of distress increases tremendously. They are more prone to sickness.

Unfortunately, these patients are often “intimidated” to see the doctors either because they fear the language barrier or they just fear the high cost of medical care in America. Having personally experienced this type of situation, I am determined to become a doctor in the future to serve the Asian Immigrant populations in underserved areas in California.

Therefore, I chose my major to be Biological Science in Psychology. In other words, I am Pre-med with emphasis in Psychology.

People in this particular field are most likely working in the direction of becoming a Physician. There are two main components, which will lead to a successful career in this particular field. First of all, I am striving to become a Physician, which will require me to go through medical school, 4 years of professional medical training, with approximately 6 more years of residency and fellowship.

This training process provides me with comprehensive medical knowledge, which will assist me to become an adequate health care provider in the future.

In addition, I am required (as an major) to complete about 10 Psychology classes of interest, which will really help me to understand the psychological cognitive process of the patients, clinical physician- patient interactions, and professionalism in patient care.

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This is the part of medicine that was often “forgotten” in the past, which I have discovered to be extremely important with irreplaceable values.

In the course of college career, I have encountered basically three genres of writing that are pertinent to the Clinical Biopsychology field of study. There are public articles, scientific journals, and case history. Firstly, the public articles are the least seen on my desk. As psychological researchers, I take on the identity of a scientist, so I do not get to read much in public articles. These articles are often generalized, simplified to help the general populace to understand the topic of interest in a basic way.

I personally think it might have more to do with the sale of the magazine than the scientific accuracy of the facts. In contrast, what I deal with the most is the scientific papers. Every quarter, I spend weeks of time digging into the professionally written scientific journals. These journals are written in a more informative tone compare to that of the public articles. It is assumed that the people who are reading these scientific journals are scientists who have an adequate amount of knowledge to properly access the value of these papers. Lastly, as a future medical professional, I have encountered in case history type of writing at a great quantity.

During the first three years of my undergraduate career at UC Davis, I have always been doing internships at the Medical Center. This allowed me opportunities to see how physicians effectively process patient history and information. These case history accounts are constructed mainly by short sentences in a chronological order. Although not fancy or flowery in word choices, it does give the most concise and accurate account of the patients’ history, which is extremely critical in assisting the Physicians to make the best decisions in a timely manner.

Through this class, I am looking forward to further my knowledge in genres related to the field of Biological Sciences. I am hoping this class will help me to broaden my view in this particular field, and further solidify my goal in becoming the health care professional in the future.

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