Persuit Of Happiness

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People need happiness in their life. We can say that our goal in our life is happiness. A lot of people are seeking for happiness, but they usually don’t understand what happiness is. In this paper, we are going to find the answer of what happiness is and how can we get the happiness itself.

The Happiness and How to Get It Firstly, we have to answer our fundamental question, what the happiness is.

Jeremy Dean gives a good quote that “Happiness is satisfaction with life as a whole. ” But sometimes we can’t understand what our satisfaction is. Many people assume that their satisfaction is money. Let’s we look at this poem, is the truly happiness money? Money Is Not Everything… Money can buy a house but not a home.

Money can buy a bed but not sleep. Money can buy a clock but not time. Money can buy a book but not knowledge. Money can buy food but not appetite. Money can buy position but not respect. Money can buy blood but not life. Money can buy medicine ut not health. Money can buy sex but not love. Money can buy insurance but not safety. Ask yourself, can money really buy the happiness? This poem tells us that money could buy many things in the world, except happiness.

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As the story tells us, the old man was drawn as a rich-man, but he still couldn’t find the truly happiness in his life because for him the happiness isn’t wealth. In fact, many people around him thought that he had what human need, “Money”. For somebody that hasn’t found the happiness, he will try to find it until he really finds it in many ways.

A Clean Well Lighted Place Summary

The true happiness is a mental state where we feel meaningful for somebody else, feel comfortable with what we have, and we feel no worried in life. The old man in “Clean, Well Lighted Place” is described that he has plenty of money, but he is desperate and till suicides. It proves that we can’t find the happiness just with a plenty of money. If we can’t find happiness in money, then how can we get the true happiness? According to the Harniet Meyerson’s definition: “Happiness comes only from appreciating what you right now. And you can even be happy by appreciating your troubles because they are helping to build your character.

  • Appreciate what you right now to reach happiness We are grateful for what we have, we do and we get in our life. Not only grateful for big things we receive but also the details things we get in our life.

Rhonda Britten, author of Fearless Loving (Dutton, 2003) and founder of the Fearless Living Institute, an organization in Boulder, Colo. She says that details are worth it. Saying simple thing in details, such as, instead of saying, “I’m grateful for lemonade,” say “I’m grateful for the icy glass of sweet lemonade that soothed my parched throat this afternoon. Doing this thing trains you to pay close attention so you’re less likely to miss the little things that create positive feelings. “Happiness is in the nuances,” Britten says. You’ll tap a limitless source of joy if you notice the nuances and relish them. Another habit that will lead you to true happiness: being generous. “The Buddha said that if we understood the power of generosity to create happiness, we would never sit down to a meal by ourselves,” Cope says.

For example, it might cross your mind that a lonely friend would love an invitation to dinner, an elderly aunt might appreciate a phone call, or a co-worker could use a cup of tea. You might normally quash the thought with excuses: You don’t have time, you don’t want to spend the money, it might be awkward. But the next time you have one of these thoughts, “practice going with it,” Cope says. The act of giving creates happiness in both the giver and the receiver, and those good feelings can linger a long time, he says.

You can’t be happy if you talk to yourself in negative ways. “The things you tell yourself do have an impact on your mood and on your body,” Zoglio says. Negative thoughts trigger the release of the stress chemicals that make you feel worse. And many of us have a tape of harsh criticism running endlessly in our heads. Make a list of these happy moments for at least a week. Next, she says, inventory your abilities. Write down every skill you use at work or at home, and break each one into its smallest components. For example, don’t write “I know how to be a receptionist.

Instead, write “I make nervous visitors feel comfortable,” “I have a nice phone voice,” or “I know how to juggle many tasks at once. ” When you’re finished making the list, spend the next day’s quiet time studying them. Pick out a few of your strong suits and happy moments, and pledge to repeat them as often as you can. Organizing your life around your gifts gives you a sense of purpose. “Happy people know why they got up this morning,” Baker says. Those steps are some of several ways you can use to make you appreciate what you are right now. By appreciating what you are right now, you reach happiness in your life. Happiness means feeling of being fulfilled and satisfied according to Jeremy Dean’s “Happiness is satisfaction with life as a whole. ”


Happiness is feeling of fulfilled and satisfied of your life. Do appreciate what you are right now can make you reach happiness. Make your self feel of being fulfilled and satisfied of your life can make you happy. So, if you want to reach happiness, make sure that you appreciate what you are right now.

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