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Teddy Murray Brent Jackson English 5 March, 2015 “Happiness: Enough Already’ In respects to being a popular work, I personally find Sharon Burgles article, “Happiness: Enough Already,” to be rather good. Firstly, this article is easy and interesting to read. Secondly, it contains the points of views of different authors. And thirdly, its information is generic enough to be relative to almost everyone’s life. Barley’s article is structured logically and is worded clearly to the audience. One does not feel bored while reading this piece.

The author does a erroneous job capturing the reader’s attention throughout the article.

Essay Example on Happiness: Enough Already

However, being a popular article, the author does include very specific words that would be difficult for a reader to understand if he or she was not educated in the topic this article covers. But these words are well explained, which do make the article less scientific and more pleasurable to read. In my opinion, “good” article is based on the inclusion of multiple researchers and sources.

This article does this by acquainting the reader to multiple authors and their works (De Dinner of “Rethinking Happiness,” Eric Willow’s “Against Happiness,” and many more).

I also thought this article was well done because of the insightful message it conveys. The article explains that people must feel sad or melancholic sometimes in order to experience all aspects of human emotion, which benefits one’s quality of life. Being sad teaches people how to survive, makes them stronger and generally hardier.

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Moreover, the author captures the reader’s attention by pointing out evidence that suggests people who feel some kind of discontent are more ambitious and tend to be more eager to change their life for the better by pursuing their goals.

The author notes how most artists created their masterpieces in the period of melancholy. Sadness can be named the muse of art. Best poems are written because of unrequited love; the most significant ideas came to those who were “on the edge. ” I believe that everyone will find the information in this article to be useful and relatable. American society is oriented in all the aspects of life. People are used to seeking happiness for themselves and for others, but sometimes people are placed in situations where unhappiness is necessary and natural. And this article does a great job expressing that fact.

However, this article does have a downside-?the entire thing is extremely negative. I found the author’s criticism of positive psychology and of the “salesmen” to be rather unfair. In my mind, positive psychology does a lot for understanding the well being of others, and think it deserves more respect than what the article gives. Furthermore, the whole spirit of the article is too dismal. The fault in this article is that there are no positive promises to the audience, which might lead some to choose overall sadness for his or her life. In fact, one might even find themselves rather sad themselves from just reading it.

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