Cause And Effect Essay About Happiness

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How many people with truly happy life do you know? Are you even sure of these? All people dream about happy life. When we think of happy life, we imagine that happiness is an inevitable side effect. We may envision ourselves with the perfect job, the perfect children, the perfect mate, the perfect level of income, big house, expensive car and other things. Moreover, we believe that all of that stuff will make us happy.

However, that view is skewed. Material objects cannot make us happy.

These are three common causes that can effect on your happy life: good health, love and have enough money for a living. First of all, the most important part of a happy life is health. If you are healthy you are able to work and make money, and have the things you want. On the other hand, when you are not healthy, you can’t fulfill your dreams. Also, when your health does not permit to work anymore, you lost the earning potential and to make it worst, you became a liability to your family and to the society too.

It becomes a suffering in your life. Moreover, our health is our everything.

What Makes Us Happy Essay

Whether you are a toddler, a child, a teenager or an adult; good health enables you to perform the daily functions of life. For example, for students normal health allows them to able to go to school, to obtain knowledge and the building of character. For adults, good health means you can go to work everyday, to earn a living, to be able to achieve your goals in life.

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Good health enables you to enjoy a happy life. The second valuable factor of a happy life is love. When family members have a love to each other, their life can be easier and happier.

For example, when family has a love to each other, they can have open communication. Also, they can share feelings, emotions, work place problem and ideas with each other. It is only if both the spouses are aware of the ideals and thoughts of each other are there a probability of having a happy life. Moreover, sometime trivial matters like household responsibilities and financial communication play a large part in a happy life. Children, when see parents love they, also can have open communication with them.

People without a love can’t have a happy life because it’s impossible. Love it a gifts from God to us. Furthermore, you cannot buy love with money. Third important factor of a happy life is having enough money for a living. When people have enough money for living their life is happier. Moreover, people can’t have a happy life without money. Having money allows us to function more easily in the world, it buys food, clothes, provides comfort in our lives and in the lives of others. However, people who want have a happy life can’t think that money is everything.

So, it cannot be said that money is essential for happiness. But, most people recognize that money is important in the 21st Century because it can give people comfort and freedoms. In conclusion, all people can build a happy life. Also, all humans have one thing in common. Every one wants to be happy. Furthermore, happy people live longer. They are healthier, more successful, enjoy more fulfilling relationships and respond more. I think when people have good health, love to other people and have enough money for living these people can have a happy life.

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Cause And Effect Essay About Happiness
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