Money and Happiness in Reporting Live

Reporting Live from Tomorrow by Daniel Gilbert starts out talking about what I expected after reading the summary, money and happiness He presents ideas that contrast the common phrase everyone says all throughout their lives, Money cannot buy Happiness. He explains that money may not directly be the cause of happiness but it is a huge factor He shares a series of investigations where they surveyed several people in different classes of wealth, and that those who have gone from poverty to middle class seem happier, while those who went from middle class to upper class seem more—unhappy, He also relates this to non-material things, like children and questions whether people expect children to bring happiness because through-out our lives we are told they will or because that is how we imagine it, After he touches on that subject teaching us that it is actually proven that children in most cases decrease over all happiness he goes into this idea of imagination vs word of mouth emotion predictor.

He shows us with several more experiments that people are more likely to accurately predict their emotions for a certain situation if they think of it based on the word of mouth from someone who is in the position they are considering rather than if they try to imagine how they will feel based off of past experiences in their life, I personally found his essay extremely interesting because I like so many people in the world have in fact been told my whole life that money cannot equal happiness, and I am a person who would rather base my future emotions on how I have felt in the past After reading his essay I actually felt like I needed to reevaluate my life and see how often I ended up unhappy because I didn’t listen to someone who knew what was going to happen I was forced to realize that a lot of my own sadness was caused by myself.

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I don’t know if he intended this essay to have as deep a meaning as I evaluated it to be, but I did in-act find his work to be much deeper than just how money relates to happiness.

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