Reporting On "Perfect Stranger"

I chose to watch Perfect Stranger as my first screening report. It is directed by Paolo Genovese. This film’s main point is about the human nature. It revolves seven people who are good friends with each other. They got together for dinner because of the eclipse. As the hostess came up with a game that everyone put their mobile phones on the table, each call or message will be published. In fact, everyone has their own secrets, even if they have known each other for a long time, but it seems that they are still strangers.

The director aimed his lens at the table and kept using long lenses. When everyone’s secrecy be discovered, every actor’s expression will be amplified. Thus, people can observe everyone’s psychological activities more carefully.

Furthermore, in the choice of colors, warm colors are the main color, which shows the normal life better, but also implies the details of life and this kind of things happen every day.

The hostess, she knew her lover was among the seven, that’s why she wasn’t afraid of the game. In the dialogue with her daughter, we can know that she is very suspicious. Her husband actually already knew her affair but he didn’t expose it. It’s also mentioned that the hostess’s father didn’t agree with their marriage due to her husband’s occupation. From that, it’s not hard to find out that her husband love her deeply.

What’s more, the second couple’s relationship has been dulled by the time and the small things of their lives.

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Also, they would be together as first is because of the guilty, which led their relationship is weakness. They both cheat on each other even though they have kids. The third couple were newlyweds, but the man cheated on two people at the same time, one is the wife of his friend, the hostess, and the other one is his colleague who was already pregnant. The last single person is gay. He didn’t bring his boyfriend to meet these people because he knew the discrimination in their eyes would hurt his boyfriend.

These seven people’s relationship is shattered by the expose of their secrets. But at the end of the movie, the eclipse changes back to what it was before, and people’s life don’t seem have any changes. But this is actually the trick of ordinary time and space, show us another end if the game wasn’t played. It gives people more space to think and imagine. We seem know everything, but in fact, we know nothing. People are used to having their own secrets, which makes the relationship between people is fragile. And to be honest, how many people can afford to play this game?

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