Motivation strategies of the organizations

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All over the world, organizations are working very hard so as to boost their earnings in an increasingly competitive world and for an organization to increase its business productivity, its employees have to be motivated. If then this motivation is not there, then the company will have difficulties in the manufacture of products to meet market demands. In any organization its employees are its greatest assets and therefore there is need to motivate them through various motivational techniques and strategies.

This is because when employees become dissatisfied with their working situation,their productivity decreases as there is low morale.

In numerous organizations, its clear that there are different types of people with different personalities and therefor there is need to adopt different types of motivational strategies. Motivation can be improved quickly if only an organization adopts and uses the right motivational strategies. High levels of motivations do bring high levels of productivity in the work place. Increasing productivity in any organization is always a major goal of managers in an organization.

   The lack of motivation in the work place can result in poor and low productivity if not checked. Thus there is need to understand the role of motivation in the work place for maximum production. An organization success in increasing production depends much on the ability of the managers in providing an environment which motivates the employers.

For an organization to achieve its objectives, the employees must have motivation ,the ability and also the tools to enable them perform their jobs without problems.

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  Small thoughtful changes in the work place can help employees perform better. This is because the physical work environment do affect the employees performance and the job satisfaction’s working space should also support a balance of concentration, collaboration and flexibility.

Thus its clear that employee motivation is the amount of energy an employee applies in the work place.  To this, a number of  different theories on employee motivation have come up (Maslow, 1987).

One thing an organization  should do to increase its production is through boosting morale in the work place. This greatly contributes to high levels of production and thus higher profits.  Poor morale in the work place leads to low productivity and may even cause high rates of absenteeism in the work place and affecting work turnover.

Motivation strategies are more than just a tool to boost productivity because its clear that motivation is a process that also affects  all the relationships within an organization.  This is because employees are motivated by the nature off the relationships they have with their leaders,the nature of their jobs and the characteristics of the organization. Thus its clear that organizations can also create a climate which can increase motivation and thus high productivity in the work place.

There are many methods of motivating workers in maximizing their production and they are discussed here below.  The first method or strategy is positive reinforcement. Its important  that an organization’s employees  be made aware of the high expectations the company requires them to achieve and due to this,workers are found to being motivated so as not to disappointed the employer.

Another strategy which can be used by organizations is through satisfying the   employees needs. More to  that,setting of work related goals ,treating people fairly,and restructuring jobs where the issue of job design and work organization which is the specification of the contents,method and relations of jobs so as to satisfy the technological and organizational requirements as well as the personal needs of   of the employees.

Another strategy which can be used in motivating the employees productivity is through rewarding them on job performance. In order to bring out the best in employees ,various organizations are rewarding their employees based on their performance.  Monetary incentives and rewards can be  used  as parfof an organization employee-recognition program but however they should not be the only primary strategy for motivating and retaining employees. Monetary incentives may include salary increases,profit sharing,stock options and warrants  ,additional paid vacation time etc.

According to research  monetary rewards may not be the  only  way in motivating employees.  This is because numerous empirical researches have shown that non-monetary rewards to employees may often be more worth than monetary rewards  (Atkinson, 1983).

Another way through which  an organization can  motivate its workforce so as to increase its productivity  is through employees empowerment. This is giving employees more responsibility and decision-making authority and thereby giving them the chance to exert themselves without force in carrying out their duties .They also will be in a position to exploit there creativity while working and thus making them increase their production capacities . They also should be provided with an opportunity to learn more. Through this they will feel that they are importance is highly valued as the organization is  also looking   in improving the quality of their lives.

Instances of employees resistance   to increasing productivity do arise in many organizations all over  and employees can sometimes stagnate in their positions. This can be due to unhappiness with the work and as a result their work suffers. There is need to have an organization with tight capacity management,better development plans so as to help employees enhance themselves in their careers through training.

The organization should also have a  more flexible  and responsive modern office structure and a harmonious working environment that would create  the optimum working environment where there is employee awareness  and a reward structure  that compliments the worker’s productivity.

On the other hand the management philosophy of an organization should have values ,goals and visions. There should be inherent values,experiential learning,problem solving and organizational  direction within an organization.

More to that there should be a quality of life,better job satisfaction and realization of goals by the employee . Due to this, the workers will become motivated intrinsically    for their own  benefit and that of their employer.
In an in depth  of organizations,there are two theories i have identified  which are not currently in practice in the work place. The first theory is  Glasser’s control  theory  which studies  the reasons that determine how and why employees feel that they  must control their life and work environment.  This theory is only applicable in some few situations (Wong, 2000) .

The second theory is  Festinger’s cognitive dissonance theory  which looks at conflicts and their effects on workers productivity.  Conflict  always arise in all the work and life environment and one cannot expect  everything to  agree or disagree with ones presuppositions. This means that work and life  are not a one-way street and thus motivation is what supports life.

In conclusion motivating employees is a catalyst that can be changed in a  way because it is beneficial for the employer and the employee.  The very best motivational strategies  form the  foundation for employee high  production rate, employee satisfaction, and employee intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.


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