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SUBJECT: Professional Organization: Module 1 Assignment

Proficient associations can be a magnificent hotspot for professional improvement and headway. These affiliations may improve the specialized, delicate, and applied aptitudes of individuals and open chances to coordinate with different experts in comparable fields. I decided to inquire about two POs that are situated in the United States yet are named worldwide affiliations. I will talk about what these POs speak to and benefits that are offered to individuals. I will likewise analyze the two associations as far as cost, exercises, and center characteristics.

Two Organizations

International Facility Management Association (IFMA)

The reason for the IFMA is to mathe ke/keep up a virtual network for office chiefs around the globe by furnishing their individuals with access to internet preparation, organizing openings, and professional situation assets. This PO additionally offers office administrator accreditation courses; qualifications that they grant incorporate Facility Management Professional, Sustainability Facility Professional, and Certified Facility Manager. The IFMA is a not-revenue-driven association with a setup establishment to raise subsidizing.

International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

The principal goal of the IAAP is to expand the suitability of office and authoritative experts and supporter for the field. They are a not-revenue driven proficient affiliation that built up The Foundation of IAAP which looks for commitments (ventures) by managers and associations. The IAAP likewise posts presents a place of employment openings in related fields and urges individuals to use organizing openings that are accessible to them.

Comparison of Membership Cost and Benefits

International Facility Management Association (IFMA)

Enrollment levies are charged yearly on the commemoration of beginning enlistment.

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Individuals are required to join a neighborhood section of the IFMA in the main year of participation. There is an extra enrollment contribution that is paid to the nearby part and everyone differs. Upon restoration for the subsequent year, individuals have a choice to remain some portion of their nearby section. There is a finished calendar of IFMA levy and extra buy alternatives as indicated by the current enrollment level recorded beneath.

IFMA Base Member Dues (required):

Professional & Associate: US$209

Young Professional: US$135

Retired: US$115, Student: US$15

Industry Council Membership Dues:

PA, YP, Student: US$55 per council

Retired: US$10 per council

Community Membership Dues:

PA, YP, Student: US$65 per community

Retired: US$15 per community

Knowledge Pass Subscription:

Member Price: US$85

Subscription to FMJ, IFMA’s official magazine: US$60

International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP)

There are three installment options available to pay annual membership dues to the IAAP; quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. The first installment is due on the day of joining or renewing membership. There are additional fees for workshops and seminars that range from US$700-$1200 depending on current membership status and level. There is limited pricing information available on the IAAP website; membership fees are listed below.

IAAP Member Dues (required):

Professional: US$150, Student: US$25

As you can see, the membership costs of these two professional organizations are comparable and very competitive. However, IAAP does seem to have a slightly lower price, plus they offer multiple choices for installment plans to pay annual dues.

Comparison of Professional Development Activities

IAAP seems to be more focused on instilling pride and building confidence in administrative professionals. In publications and on its website, the IAAP describes the association as being an advocate for the administrative profession. From looking at pictures of their annual workshops, I notice that IAAP seems to have a much more casual vibe to their whole approach compared to the conservative style of IFMA. The IFMA has more focus on career and skill development (academics) which includes several types of certificates and professional credentials. They publish their magazine (FMJ) and offer a subscription to Knowledge Pass which is a library of premium content that helps members prepare for certification tests and assess their learning/working style.

Comparison of Washington State Professional Chapters and Student Chapters

The IFMA and IAAP both have local and regional chapters. Each association has approximately 2-3 branches in each major metropolitan area in the United States. Most international chapters are in Europe and Asia. The IAAP does not provide details about the content, membership, or agenda of local chapters for professionals or students in Washington State. On the other hand, the IFMA has individual, dedicated websites that provide a plethora of information about membership and local activities for chapters in Olympia and Seattle. However, I could not find any evidence of separate chapters for professionals and students. From what I understand, the price of membership is different, but they are all members of the same local chapter and associate together.

Professional Development Conferences, Workshops, and Events

The IFMA holds two annual conferences; World Workplace and Facility Fusion are large professional gatherings where new administrative skills are introduced/taught and provide the opportunity for (in-person) networking. Similar to IFMA, The IAAP hosts an annual conference called the IAAP Summit. This is an opportunity for members to receive career training and information along with other administrative professionals through a series of seminars and workshops.

My Choice: International Association of Administrative Professionals

I would choose to join the IAAP just because of the broader scope of the association. The IFMA is focused on facility management while the IAAP covers administration in general. Knowledge acquired from IAAP would apply to a wider range of careers compared to facility management training from IFMA.


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