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“Emily’s Reasons Why Not?” was a television program aired by the ABC network in 2006. (IMDB) The comedy program was based on a novel with the same title, which was written by Carrie Gerlach. It was aired in January 9, 2006, however, after the pilot episode, ABC decided to cancel the show, putting it off the air even with six succeeding taped episodes. (Metacritic)

The main character of the program was Emily, played by actress Heather Graham, is involved in publishing as her line of work.

She lives by a rule, which is entirely based on reasons. These reasons are where she bases her decisions in life. She contemplates on reasons why or why not to do this or that and she heeds all the possible consequences from her actions. However, at one point in her life, she disregarded the rule she obligated herself with and got involved with an attractive man who turned up in the end to be a womanizer. (IMDB) After breaking up with her two-timing boyfriend, she plans to get back on her toes and return to implementing the rule that she had imposed from the beginning.

She did not want to get involved with men who would hurt her that is why she told herself that if she could find or think of five reasons to not go out with a man, she would definitely ditch him. (Metacritic)

The thirty-minute episode did not last for more than one episode, which makes it an interesting program to read and write about.

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Critics of the program, from writers in acclaimed newspapers, say it is a spin-off of the popular television program, “Sex and the City.” Looking at their votes it seems that they like it because of its comedic and fun factor, but is also judged because of its lack in originality and depth. (Metacritic) A statement from the actress who played Emily revealed that the show was canceled because of ABC was not satisfied with the ratings the pilot episode garnered. (CanMag) Overall, the show being tied up to a popular show as “Sex and the City” and the bad ratings it endured during its firs episode contributed in the cancellation of the show.

Perhaps, ABC was more on the ratings and the profit side of it all. Having a show that does not attract as many viewers will not attract as many companies who will invest in advertising, etc. A statement released by Stephen McPherson, who is the head of entertainment in ABC argued that the program lacked creativity and that it never leaned on the vision of the company of a successful show (Barnhart).

The show must have been aired or canceled prematurely. Reading the plot of the story and learning what it has to offer, I think it is something that people, especially women would appreciate. Many people link it as a less-interesting version of “Sex and the City,” however, the plot says otherwise. Either it should not have been aired at all, or ABC should have given it time to shine. The good thing about it is that people who have read the book will possibly be the avid watchers of the program, and other people who will learn that it is actually based from a book would attract potential viewers. Its weakness lies in the image that it portrayed to people as just another comedy spin-off of a popular television show. Moreover, failure of the network to support the program because of fear they might lose more money through refunds and money-backs to advertisers who invested in the production of the show (Sternbergh).


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Emily's Reasons Why Not
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