The Reasons Children Should Not Be given Any Homework

In my opinion, I do not think that kids should get homework. The first reason why is that we are doing too much work at school. We are in school sitting in a classroom working for almost 67 hours long and after that sometimes it takes hours to complete homework Another point I would like to add is that I want to be prepared for a quiz so I take some hours of time to study and on the same day, I have some homework to do which can take a lot of time to finish.

Various teachers also give homework on the same day, which makes it very hard to finish in a productive amount of time. Teachers also give us homework on the weekends when that is the time we should have to have fun with our friends and family and just take a break, while we have stress that we may not have time to go somewhere because we might have an assignment due as soon as the week starts over.

Us, kids also have outside-of-school activities, such as l have to go home on and go straight to work because I have an hour or sometimes (barely more time) to just work on my homework because after that I have to go to an Army cadet program, Homework can also me a major health issue to kids.

First off, you get less sleep because some teens have to stay up all night because they get home late and still have to do a lot of homework.

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Students in middle school and high school need a lot of sleep because in a article it says kids form ages 12-18 need at least 8-9 hours of sleep and some only get 4-5 because they are up so late doing homework. Homework also gives us stress because as we become older we have a quiz or a test every week and stress makes us forget a lot of thing we’ve learnt. Homework also gets in the way of class. It gets in the way when you have to check over homework when you can use that time to study or go over the stuff you do not understand. I don‘t think we should have homework for these three reasons it‘s too much work, health issues. and It gets in the way of other activities. I think health is the biggest concern because if this much work is causing health problems we should not have homework so that we could help kids not because we just do not want homework. This is why I think we should not have homework.

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