Stanislaus 1 Evelyn StanislausMr. A. SaenzSoc 101Oct. 14 ,2011 Early Vs. Modern CivilizationWhen we look around our world today it can be difficult to see and believe just how futile we were in our beginning. When we see all of the modern buildings ,forms of transportation and things such as language we can come to realize just how much we have grown in knowledge compared to our beginning years. Lets take a look at the ways we have changed and even some of the things that are still present in modern civilization.

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Stanislaus 2In early developmental years, societies were based simply on survival. Each society had its set of norms and values . An example is in the movie “ The Indians of California. ” Each person in the tribe had a role. There was leadership the men were hunters and gatherers and the women were responsible for the making of baskets and cooking the food that the men provided for their tribe.

The tribe was very self sufficient in that it used materials to make tools and weapons and basically all the things that were needed for survival.

Our society today is much the same just much more modern and complex. In early civilization communication was limited to things such as feeble sounds and hand gestures such as was the case in the movie “One Million Years B. C. ” Throughout the development of civilization communication has grown from simple gestures to complex vocabulary including different languages all around the world. Even those in modern civilization that are unable to speak have their own complex language that we call “Sign Language.

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Learning and education is another topic that has evolved through the modern development of civilization. In early civilization, teaching and learning was limited to being taught basic survival techniques such as making tools and weapons for hunting and baskets for cooking. Mothers would spend time teaching their daughters how to make baskets or grind grain for food. While fathers would teach their sons how to make arrows to hunt and gather food for the tribes. Today in modern civilization, teaching and learning have evolved in many complex ways.

For example, we begin teaching and learning in the home. During childhood we are taught our roles in society. As we mature we attend schools where we are taught an education. Reading and writing are taught as forms of Stanislaus 3language. As we continue on through school we are taught Arithmetic and other subjects such as History. As we continue through our education we are taught a career or trade which we use in modern civilization as a means for survival to provide the essentials necessary for our families to thrive.

In early civilizations they built their own shelters or found shelter . In modern civilization homes are built for us by professionally trained carpenters and construction companies. Social interaction is another topic that has changed tremendously . In early days, social interaction was present among the whole tribe or culture. But today ,although it is present throughout society, it is also broken down into different areas. We have family social interaction . different social interaction for the community and even business social interaction.

As you can see, many things are still present in modern civilization as were in early civilization. We still have the foundation of early civilization ,but, have evolved into a much more intelligent, technological society in which we are able to do more “living” instead of “surviving . ” Now we can earn a living in an 8 hr. work day and still be able to go home and have leisure time with our families. We can enjoy a movie, go to the beach, or just take a walk in the park. I Prefer the modern version of civilization and enjoy being a part of it.

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