Diversity In Social Work Essay

This sample essay on Diversity In Social Work Essay provides important aspects of the issue and arguments for and against as well as the needed facts. Read on this essay’s introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Peoples are both similar and different ; diverseness is the recognising and valuing difference. Diversity relates to distinction such as gender, age, faith, race, civilization, instruction, business, linguistic communication, attractiveness, wellness, physical visual aspect. Cultural diverseness is one facet of diverseness with a battalion of differences which come from our cultural heritage.

Every facet of life is touched by civilization, civilization affects how people perceive things, and it influences how people attribute intending to communicating. When cultural communicating systems are unknown or ignored, messages are likely to be misinterpreted ensuing in barriers to communicating. To guarantee effectual communicating Human Services workers require consciousness of and sensitiveness to cultural differences to enable them to successfully function a diverse scope of people. This essay examines effectual transverse cultural communicating for the Human Services worker, as civilization refers to the linguistic communication, cognition, rites, values that connect any group of people, in the range of this essay the context of civilizations is that from different states.

First, it looks at some of the differences and jobs when pass oning cross culturally. Then the essay proposes solutions to cut down communicating barriers and, eventually suggesting rules human service bureaus should follow to heighten communicating.

Diversity In Social Work Essay

Working cross culturally the human service worker faces many challenges to effectual communicating because of the complex nature of civilization, intercultural behaviors, nucleus values and look provide much possibility for misconstruing.

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Harmonizing to Fouad Arredondo “ communicating forms, manners, symbols and gestures are extremely civilization edge and unconsciously scripted. ” ( Fouad Arredondo 2007 p42 ) . Several variables can be considered to help in the apprehension of cultural differences to place why jobs arise, individuality versus Bolshevism is one variable. Individualist civilizations are where accent is on single accomplishment as contrasted to collective civilizations where importance is on what is best for the group. Reding itself is a culturally specific activity holding evolved from a Western doctrine of individuality, inquiring a client from a corporate civilization to concentrate on hyperintrospection and hyperindividualism will non vibrate consequence in a lost chance. Whilst non talking the same linguistic communication is a more obvious barrier to communicating, see the communicating barrier created when a client for whom English is a 2nd linguistic communication is expected to verbalize extremely complex emotions. ( Wheeler 2006 p150 )

Cultures can besides be distinguished as holding low context or high context communicating, in low context civilizations such Australia or America communicating is direct, the significance is in the message. Asiatic, Mediterranean and Arab civilizations are high context where communicating is indirect and it is every bit of import to look at the inexplicit significances and organic structure linguistic communication. Misinterpretations arise when there is a deficiency of consciousness in the different manner of pass oning. For illustration, Autochthonal Australians would see it rude to straight inquire a inquiry and alternatively intimation ( Mundine 1999, p. 1 ) . This is similar to Asiatic construct of “ salvaging face ” indirect communicating is used to forestall uncomfortableness for either party. In some Asiatic civilizations this is extended to some non unwraping physical maltreatment for fright of losing face or abashing the household ( Devito 2009, p. 281 ) , nevertheless keep backing such information creates a barrier to communicating for the human services worker.

Non verbal communicating is another factor which in which intending differs between civilizations, and if these differences are non understood leads to communication dislocation. In some civilizations nodding the caput means no, or the nod of a caput from a Chinese individual does non implicitly mean that they agree. In Western civilization direct oculus regard is considered a mark of honestness, in civilizations such as Japan nevertheless, direct oculus regard is a mark of discourtesy. De Vito ( 2009, p. 133 ) concludes “ seek visualizing the potency for misinterpretations that oculus communicating entirely could make. ”

A Human Services worker missing consciousness of cultural-based norms, such as household construction and gender regulations, hazards go againsting these regulations, their behavior impeding trust and assurance. For illustration, married Muslim adult females can non touch a adult male other than their hubby. Lack of consciousness or sensitiveness to these norms creates struggle and a lost chance for battle. Another barrier to communicating consequences where the Human Service worker see their ain civilization to be superior to others civilizations. Gamble and Gamble conclude that “ ethnocentrism is cardinal to neglect intercultural communicating attempts. ” ( Gamble Gamble 2009, p.27 ) .

Finally, cultural stereotyping is a barrier to effectual transverse cultural communicating, whilst it is necessary to group people to simplify understanding differences, it is debatable perceive that ‘all are the same ‘ . For illustration, to believe that all immigrants from the Middle East are unable to absorb into Australian society is cultural pigeonholing. Pigeonholing demonstrates a cardinal deficiency of apprehension of diverseness taking to a dislocation in communicating. This paper has looked at some transverse cultural communicating differences and jobs that arise that can be covered in the range of this essay, the paper now proposes solutions to heighten communicating and cut down communicating barriers.

To heighten communicating and cut down barriers in transverse cultural communicating the Human Services worker develops cognition and accomplishments. Built-in to this is self consciousness, being cognizant of and dispute one ‘s perceptual experiences and prejudice. Workers must to increase intercultural communicating competency by developing cognition of different cultural differences, Gamble Gamble confirm it is critical to do the unknown known “ … we need to carry on ourselves in a mode designed to cut down the unfamiliarity of aliens ; that is, we need to open ourselves to differences by adding to our depot of cognition, by larning to get by with uncertainness and by developing an grasp of how increasing our cultural sensitiveness positively affects our communicating competency ( Gamble Gamble 2009, p. 30 ) . It would nevertheless be uninformed to believe that a individual can of all time wholly understand another civilization doing it necessary for Human services workers to be comfy covering with ambiguity. Equally of import as it is to be familiar the difference in civilization conversely it is of import non to let cultural traits to impede understanding nor to concentrate overly on differences. Clients are persons ; human services workers serve a individual, non a civilization ( Egan 2006 ) .

Empathy hearing accomplishments are built-in to effectual communicating and every bit so when pass oning interculturally. The Human services worker should set themselves in their client ‘s places to conceive of what is like from his or her universe position point. Listening accomplishments and careful observation of cues such as non verbal signals should be taken into history interpret full significance, peculiarly when pass oning with a individual from a high context civilization. To heighten communicating the human services worker should besides regularly seek verification of understanding. A deeper degree of trust and assurance may necessitate to be built with people from some civilizations before they unwrap emotional or what they consider to be black. To heighten communicating with these people it may take forbearance, clip and besides an appropriate degree of self revelation on the workers portion. To cut down communicating barriers the worker may inquire permission before inquiring sensitive a sensitive inquiry. Workers should besides be cognizant and sensitive to taboo topics, in some Autochthonal Aboriginal communities it is black to speak about mental unwellness, to cut down communicating barriers workers would avoid utilizing certain words or lables ( XXXXX ) . Working with people who speak English as a 2nd linguistic communication poses another set of challenges in communicating, to cut down barriers workers should talk easy, be patient and allow intermissions, instead an translator could be offered. ( Kenny 2009 ) .

To cut down communicating barriers for their diverse scope of stakeholders it is critical for Human services bureaus should further their ain civilization where diverseness is embraced and celebrated. A doctrine of regard of individualism and singularity which committedness to self development and ongoing acquisition is promoted. This doctrine should be brought to life by promote a diverse scope of workers with difference backgrounds and experience. A culturally specific attack to developing programmes, developing intercultural communicating competences when working and human services workers be on a regular basis reviewed against competences placing countries for development.

Culture influences everything about people, including the significance attributed to communicating, this poses challenges for the human services worker when working cross culturally. This essay has considered some of the communicating differences and issues that Human Services workers face working interculturally, it has besides looked at ways to heighten communicating and besides rules bureaus should follow to cut down communicating barriers. The kernel nevertheless is that finally no two people even those from the same civilization are the same, countless differences makes each individual alone. Human Services workers require transverse cultural competence to efficaciously pass on with the diverse scope of people that they meet the most cardinal of these abilities being willingness to larn and esteem of all persons.


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Diversity In Social Work Essay
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