Cyber high unit 2 Questions & Answers

wpm for a 12 grader
developing memory tricks to help remember a word
roots, prefixes, and suffixes
The California Language Arts Standards require that students will have read two million words each year on their own by 12th grade
a book written by a famous person about their life and experiences
type of water plant or reed
a new believer in the christian god
a person who does not believe in the christian god
punishment where someone is beaten with a whip
a bullet
a military fort where people lived for protection
In “Bamboo Rock,” the bamboo symbolizes
In the untitled last poem, human beings are symbolized by
magnolia trees
In the last untitled poem, the poet is saying that
every person is different, people react to their environments, people grow differently in the same environment
after the Qing Dynasty china was
popular poems during and after thee Qing Dynasty were
nature poems
Mexico became an independent nation as did Peru, Brazil, and Central America during what century
19th ,
19th century new technology induced
he sewing machine, typewriter, diesel engine, and the first tractor, the first photograph, salvation army formed
popular media in the 19th century incudeld
Newspapers, magazines, and books,short stories, novels, poems, and political writings from a wide variety of nations
plant seeds
“The Swineherd”: When she received the rose and the nightingale, the Princess
was disappointed with each of them
When the Princess refused to see the Prince, he
began working for the Emperor taking care of pigs.

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The swinherd said he would give the Princess the kitchen-pot if she
gave him 10 kisses
Both the Princess and the swineherd were banished from the city because
they were caught kissing
In the end of the story
the Prince realized the Princess was greedy and would never be happy
In Europe it was very fashionable for the wealthy to what?
read poetry aloud at dinners and parties
The Charge of the Light Brigade is a
The calvary described in the poem was called the Light Brigade because
there were only 600 soldiers in the unit.

The Light Brigade
lost several soldiers in the battle, was incredibly outnumbered, fought very bravely and courageously
In stanza #2 of the poem, Tennyson explains that
someone in charge of the attack made a mistake, the Light Brigade was riding into a trap, although they realized they were in trouble, they still rode on
In general, this poem
honors the Light Brigade as courageous and noble
Christina Rossetti was
an Italian poet born in England when her father was forced to leave Italy for political reasons
Christina Rossetti poems are mostly about
how many times did Christina Rossetti break off her weddings
Christina Rossetti famous poem
a birthday
The main idea of the poem is that
the speaker is overjoyed that her lover has come to her
In the second stanza, the speaker imagines that she will be elevated to a throne (dais). Which of the following images from the poem suggest a sense of royalty and splendor
a seat carved with doves, pomegranates, peacocks, gold and silver
The speaker uses a birthday to represent this day because
her lover represents a new and happy life for her
This poem is similar to Anne Bradstreet’s poem because they both are
happy poems about love
Charles Baudelaire is
a French writer and poet who lived from 1821 to 1867, considered by some to be the first and perhaps greatest of modern poets
“Heautontimoroumenos” means what in accent greek
the “Heautontimoroumenos” is a poem about
loving someone, but hurting the feelings of that person so much that you hate yourself for what you have done
Hans Christian Andersen was from
n the story about the swineherd, who discovered the Princess kissing the Prince?
the emperor
Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem is about
a famous battle between Russia and England
Australia became a nation when
the 20th century
in the 20th century
there were revolutions in Turkey, China, and Russia, and the countries of Russia, Serbia, France, Britain, and the United States fought against Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy in what is now known as World War I (1914-1919)
who was Claude McKay
(1889-1948) an African-American male poet from Jamaica who was a leader of the Harlem Renaissance
claude mckays famous poem
A Red Flower”
who was Kahlil Gibran
(1881-1931) was born in Lebanon, in the Middle East and is a poet, philosopher, and artist. In his adopted country, the U.S., where he lived the last twenty years of his life, Gibran is very well known for what many consider to be his masterpiece, The Prophet (1923)
“Of Friendship” is about
a wise man, who has been living for twelve years in a foreign land, is about to sail back to his home country. Before he departs, the people of the city there ask him for advice about the many things that humans deal with and think about in life
the poem gives advice on
friendship and death
When a person sows, he or she is planting seeds.
Kahlil Gibran is well known for writing a book called
The Prophet
who is Mao Zedong
Born in the Hunan province of China in 1893, came from humble beginnings, but eventually rose to become the leader of a new country, The People’s Republic of China
what is Mao Zedong political title
Chairman Mao
The “little fish” in the poem refer to who
the children in Mao Zedong’s school
Sor Juana was a typical woman for her time
Alfred, Lord Tennyson wrote poems in
the 19th century
to compare two things is to tell the
to contrast two things to tell the
Chinese poets used nature in their poetry to
give people something to relate to
Don Quixote’s faithful servant was named
Sancho Panza
In the story about Don Quixote, he mistakes
windmills for giants
Sor Juana was sent to
Mexico City when she was ten

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