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Chemistry Lab Report Conductimetric Paper

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The aim of this experiment it to analyze the solution of Baa(OH)2 of an unknown concentration. In order to obtain the quantitative analysis, the exact amount of a particular compound or element present in sample, two procedures were performed. The first procedure was by conductivities titration and by gravimetric determination. The conductivity was analyzed during the reaction between the sulfuric acid (HOSES) and barium hydroxide (Baa(OH)2).

Through the conductivity, the equivalence point can be determined; from there, the concentration of the Baa(OH)2 solution can be found. The final product of the reaction between sulfuric acid and barium hydroxide is insoluble. According to the lab manual, during the reaction, the total number of dissociated ions in solution is greatly reduced as a precipitate is formed.

With the Conductivity Probe, the changes in conductivity of the solution will be analyzed. The collection of Baa(OH)2 precipitate, allowing it to dry, and carefully weighing it will allow for the calculations of the amount of barium ion(from original sample) of unknown concentration, which will aid in finding the concentration. These procedures are pendent on gravimetric analysis (the most accurate and reliable procedures).

Important requirements for a successful gravimetric analysis include: a pure compound with an identifiable geochemistry, the precipitation reaction must be complete, specificity of precipitation reagent in sample, the solid sample should be a reasonable-sized crystal, and the molecular weight should be reasonable enough for a good weight of the precipitate generated. For the full formation of the precipitate, it will need to be flocculated. The final outcome of this experiment is to handle, isolate, and analyze chemical samples carefully and thoroughly.

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