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Chemistry Popcorn Lab Results Paper

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A indicate that the average density of a sample of 10 kernels is 2. 3 g/ml which is according to industry standard classified a ready for sale. However the sample size of 10 kernels is well below the size sample in the popcorn industry, and is considered to be only valid for a small batch of popcorn.

Essay Example on Popcorn Lab Report

This is due to the fact that the sample densities were close except for one trial #2 which had a density that was about 0. 4 lower than the other samples. The errors could have been the time for wince rater ten samples winner measures wince would nave change a ten results Another error could have been incorrect measurement of volume and/or mass and that would have significantly affected the results. Part B Measurement of Kernel Damage: The outcome of part B indicates that out of the 10-15 g sample of 35 kernels that none have been damaged revealing a 0% kernels damaged.

This result could have been flawed in many ways one which is the iodine solution could have not fully covered the kernels which would leave some kernels as undamaged due to improper procedure. Another error could be that due to the number of kernels the iodine solution was left with too much to handle and did not fully uncover the kernels, deeming the experiment as flawed. Part C Kernel Water Loss: The calculations of part C indicate that the average % of water lost is 5. 8% and this indicates that these popcorn kernels are below proper popping standard and would robbery be deemed as low market value popcorn.

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These results could be due to the fact that the popcorn water content has decreased due to evaporation of the water when it was left for x amount of time before the experiment was conducted. Another error could be that the kernels were either put on too much heat or too little which in hand would change the water content, an example would be if it was put on low heat before measure and then put to high heat after measure which could cause burning to change the % water lost.

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