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Organic Chemistry Boiling Point Lab Report Paper

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Paper type: Report , Subject: Chemistry

The purpose of this experiment is to determine the boiling points of various organic compounds and to use these to identify unknowns. Equipment / Materials: hot plate closed end capillary tube hermetic liquid organic compounds 250 ml beaker small test tube Safety:

Essay Example on Organic Chemistry Boiling Point Lab Report

  • Always wear safety glasses in the lab.
  • Capillary tubes break very easily, handle them with caution.
  • Be careful with the thermometer.

Proceed re:

  1. Place a few millimeters of a known liquid organic compound in a small test tube.
  2. Place the capillary tube into the test tube with the closed end upward.
  3. Clamp the test tube to a ring stand, and immerse a thermometer in the test
  4. Fill a 250 ml beaker 3/4 full with water, and place on the hot plate. Carefully lower the test tube and thermometer combination into the beaker of water so hat the test tube is immersed half way in the water.
  5. Begin to heat the hot plate/water slowly. As the liquid approaches its boiling point, a few bubbles will be observed flowing out of the end of the capillary tube. When steady stream of bubbles are observed, turn off the hot plate and allow the contents of the test tube to cool.
  6. As the contents of the test tube cools, observe the capillary tube carefully. When the liquid begins to flow into the capillary tube, record the temperature of the liquid as its boiling point temperature.
  7. Obtain an unknown liquid, and repeat steps 1-6.

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