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The Right Chemistry,” Outfoxes mainly talks about love related to chemistry. The fact that human species, considered as sexual organs, possess own characteristics contributes to each Individual with a unique attraction. The term “love” has created the new way of making It ? a sexual relationship. Also. The concept of love nowadays seemingly depends on an individual’s appearance.

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According to the author, romance is an essential element that leads men and women to long-term relationship: however, the idea that true love remains forever seems to fade out gradually.

To exemplify, the author quotes Fisher as saying that each would find a new partner in four years, which reflects in today’s divorce rate. In short, romantic love is not everlasting. Furthermore, PEA, stands for phenylalanine, is increased in the early of passionate romantic love; the body builds up rapidly as long as we are needed.

Essentially, it is a natural amphetamine that stimulates and increases both physical and emotional energy.

The attraction causes people to produce more PEA, which results in those dizzying feelings associated with romantic love. However, the amount that our body produces PEA is exclusive in two or three years. Moreover, each person has a unique subliminal guide to the ideal partner so-called a love map, so a man and woman can not fall in love with two people at the same time. Through the article, I assume the contrast between passionate and compassionate love.

The author quotes Mark and Walsh as saying that early love is based on when you love the way the other person makes you feel, while mature love depends on when you love the way the other person is.

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I obviously do not see what Is deferent, and It gives me such an aftereffect to think whether I am still immature. Also, one word that comes up most often about love Is chemistry, which conjures up a powerful feeling and images for anyone seeking a love relationship. Therefore, I also claim that the chemical Increases a desire to be physically close and Intimately connected.

In act, physical attraction generally begins during the first connection, but It does not pass as one person moves Into a deeper connection. The Idea that men look for maximal fertility – a sexual relationship, whereas women seek for security, resources, status, and willingness to father children Is definitely reasonable: men easily fall In love quite rapidly. Nowadays, even In Korea most women put more emphasis on the ability that reflects how much he can supply resources rather than appearance.

The question I have while reading the article is whether it is right to say a man ND woman fall in love with one person rather than two or more. Because we sometimes approach a special person, considered as an Inconstant lover, loves more than one person at the same time, it is hardly to say the idea of Walsh. Also, I expected that the author would give us her own experience on love compared to perspectives of experts; however, the author Just analyzes love based on the scientific point of view, and she does not conclude chemicals can explain why people are initially attracted each other.

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