Generating the single correct answer to an intelligence test question illustrates
a heuristic
As he attempted to spell the word receive, Tim reminded himself i before e except after c. Tim’s self-reminder best illustrates the use of
an algorithm
Jamilla systematically tried each successive key on her dad’s key ring until she found the one that unlocked his office door. This best illustrates problem solving by means of
an algorithm
A chess-playing computer program that routinely calculates all possible outcomes of all possible game moves best illustrates problem solving by means of
In trying to figure out how to copy and paste an item into a document, Arlene could try all possible key combinations or she could check the pull-down menus, a much faster way to solve her problem.

Arlene is relying on

expertise and a venturesome personality
The components of creativity include
extrinsic motivation
Whenever Arlo reminded himself that his musical skills could earn him fame and fortune, he became less creative in his musical performance.

This best illustrates that creativity may be inhibited by

are intrinsically motivated to solve problems
The most creative scientists are those who
confirmation bias
People have a tendency to search for information that supports their preconceptions. What do psychologists call this tendency?
search for information that supports our preconceptions
The confirmation bias refers to the tendency to
confirmation bias
The tendency to search for information consistent with our preconceptions is called
confirmation bias
Because she believes that boys are naughtier than girls, Mrs.

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Zumpano, a second-grade teacher, watches boys more closely than she watches girls for any signs of misbehavior. Mrs. Zumpano’s surveillance strategy best illustrates

confirmation bias
University students were asked to figure out the rule used to devise the three-number sequence 2-4-6. After generating sets of three numbers to learn whether their sets met the rule, they typically convinced themselves of the wrong rule. Their errors best illustrated the impact of
confirmation bias
Jahmal cites his cousin Luana’s many car accidents as evidence that women are worse drivers than men. He overlooks the fact that his wife and three daughters have had far fewer car accidents than he and his two sons. Jahmal’s prejudicial conclusion about women’s driving skills best illustrates the effects of
confirmation bias
Business managers are more likely to track the career achievements of those they once hired than the accomplishments of those they once rejected. This best illustrates
confirmation bias
Myra has such low self-esteem that she typically expects critical comments about her appearance and behavior. Myra’s behavior best illustrates the dangers of
confirmation bias
Scientists are trained to carefully observe and record any research outcomes that are inconsistent with their hypotheses. This practice most directly serves to reduce
a fixation
The inability to take a new perspective on a problem is called
Brainstorming sessions that encourage people to spontaneously suggest new and unusual solutions to a problem are designed to avoid
Some people are unable to arrange six matches to form four equilateral triangles because they fail to consider a three-dimensional arrangement. This best illustrates the effects of ________ on problem solving
a fixation
Kevin so frequently uses threats to get his children to help with household chores that he fails to recognize that using rewards would be more effective in gaining their cooperation. Kevin’s shortsightedness best illustrates
a mental set
In elementary school and high school, Charlie got away with copying his test answers from classmates. Because the college has test proctors who are very observant, Charlie spends as many hours devising new ways to cheat as it would take him to study and perform well in an honest fashion. Charlie’s strategy for passing tests illustrates the consequences of
tendency to approach a problem in a way that has been successful in the past
A mental set is a
A mental set is most likely to inhibit
functional fixedness
The tendency to think of objects only in terms of their normal uses is called
functional fixedness
Marlene forgot to bring a pillow on the camping trip, so she spent a very uncomfortable and restless night. Unfortunately, she never thought of using her down-filled jacket as a pillow. Marlene’s oversight best illustrates
functional fixedness
Raul and Sophia were having a picnic when it started to rain. They did not think of using their big plastic tablecloth as a temporary rain shelter and so were drenched within minutes. Their oversight best illustrates
Asked to write an opinion paper on capital punishment, MacKenzie primarily searches for evidence that supports her opposition to the practice.
Which of the following best illustrates confirmation bias?
Wynona can’t find a hammer and doesn’t realize she could use her shoe to pound a nail into the wall.
Which of the following best illustrates functional fixedness?
functional fixedness
When given a candle, tacks, and a box of matches and asked to mount the candle on a wall, people often fail to think of using the matchbox as a candleholder. This best illustrates
judge the likelihood of category membership by how closely an object or event resembles a particular prototype
The representativeness heuristic refers to our tendency to
the representative heuristic
The tendency to conclude that a person who likes to read poetry is more likely to be a college professor of classics than a truck driver illustrates the use of
the representative heuristic
Miss Jan De Jong is orderly, neat, fairly quiet, and shy. She enjoys reading in her spare time and belongs to a social club that includes three librarians, nine real estate agents, and eight social workers. A tendency to conclude that Jan must be one of the three librarians would illustrate the powerful influence of
the representative heuristic
Mistakenly concluding that the forgetful acts of an older person must be indicative of Alzheimer’s disease best illustrates the impact of
the representative heuristic
Jacquelyn suffered symptoms so similar to those associated with appendicitis that she erroneously concluded that she needed to have her appendix removed. Jacquelyn’s conclusion best illustrates the influence of
representative heuristic
Judging the likelihood that things fall into a certain category on the basis of how well they seem to match a particular prototype refers to the use of the
the representative heuristic
Jerome believes that his 4-year-old grandson is a hyperactive child because the boy’s constant movement resembles Jerome’s prototype of hyperactivity. Jerome’s
the representative heuristic
Because Ken is 64, people often mistakenly assume that he must be a member of his high school basketball team. This mistaken judgment best illustrates the impact of
the representative heuristic
Dr. Bloomfield’s patient was complaining of feeling worthless, lethargic, and uninterested in typically enjoyable activities. Dr. Bloomfleld simply matched those few symptoms with the textbook definition of depression and diagnosed the patient as depressed. However, her diagnosis may be incorrect as she may be ignoring other pertinent information. Dr. Bloomfield’s potential misdiagnosis is likely due to which of the following?
disregard probability information that is relevant to our judgments
The danger of using the representativeness heuristic is that it may lead us to
representative heuristic
Our tendency to judge the likelihood of an event on the basis of how readily we can remember instances of its occurrence is called the
the availability heuristic
Dean overestimates the proportion of family chores for which he takes sole responsibility because it’s easier for him to recall what he has done than to recall what other family members have done. This best illustrates the impact of
the availability heuristic
A televised image of a starving child had a greater impact on Mr. White’s perception of the extensiveness of world hunger than did a statistical chart summarizing the tremendous scope of the problem. This suggests that his assessment of the world hunger problem is influenced by
the availability heuristic
By encouraging people to imagine their homes being destroyed by a fire, insurance salespeople are especially successful at selling large homeowners’ policies. They are most clearly exploiting the influence of
availability heuristic
A single, memorable case of welfare fraud has a greater impact on estimates of the frequency of welfare abuse than do statistics showing that this case is actually the exception to the rule. This illustrates that judgments are influenced by the
the availability heuristic
Many people overestimate how long they actually remain awake during restless nights because their moments of wakefulness are easier to recall than their moments of sleep. This best illustrates the impact of
the availability heuristic
After learning that her two best friends had lost their jobs, Mariah began to grossly overestimate the national unemployment rate. Mariah’s reaction best illustrates the consequences of
the availability heuristic
State lottery officials send residents a facsimile of a contest-winning check for over $5 million to encourage them to imagine themselves as possible winners. The lottery promoters are most clearly exploiting the influence of
the availability heuristic
Many people underestimate the number of nonfatal heart attacks because they are not as memorable as fatal heart attacks. This illustrates the shortcoming of relying on
the availability heuristic
Tapes of abducted and brutalized children may lead many parents to experience exaggerated fears of letting their children walk to school. The exaggerated fears best illustrate the impact of
the availability heuristic
Lyle was asked if more words start with the letter r, or have r as the third letter. Since he could think of more words that started with r, he concluded that must be the correct answer. Lyle’s reasoning best illustrates
the availability heuristic
The indelible memories of the 9/11 terrorist tragedy unduly inflated many people’s estimates of the risks associated with air travel. This best illustrates the importance of
perceived control
Which of the following best accounts for people’s greater fear of commercial air flights than of driving an automobile?
genetic factors
In suggesting that our ancestral history has prepared us to fear snakes, psychologists are emphasizing that what we fear is influenced by
Smokers with a greater fear of flying than of smoking’s toxicity best illustrate that we often have a greater fear of risks that are

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