Drug and Alcohol Abuse among Adolescents May Lead to Long Term Psychological Disorders

As young people grow older, they experience many different changes. While some changes may be positive, there are also some changes that adolescents have difficulty coping with. Young people seek to establish their independence as they go through their teen years. On the downside, some teenagers engage in risky behaviors during their period of seeking independence from their parents or other forms of authority. Drug and alcohol abuse is dangerous regardless of a person’s age. However, they are particularly dangerous for young people.

Adolescents are still developing, both physically and psychologically. Drug or alcohol abuse can cause long-term changes in the brain or body of a teenager (Aarons et al, 199). Inadditioni n, teenagers also risk having the course of their lives changed as a result of getting caught breaking the law when abusing drugs or alcohol.

Psychological disorders are also something that many adolescents face. Eating disorders most commonly develop during adolescence, Other things like social anxiety can also become apparent in the years of adolescence.

Another important aspect of adolescence is that it is a time when young people form habits. Some habits may last for a long time. For example, a teenager could make a habit of eating an unhealthy diet. If they repeatedly continue it, they may form a long-term habit that will last with them into adulthood. The same concept applies to things like drug and alcohol abuse. If young people use drugs oF alcohol as a method of coping with things they are facing in life, then they may develop a habit and use the same coping methods whenever they are facing hard times later in life.

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The desire for social acceptance is something that becomes more apparent when individuals are going through their adolescent years. Young people are always going through many different physical and psychological changes during their years of adolescence.

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