Ap Biology Pill Bug Lab

This lab felt very “slow” because there was not a lot of action going on. The pill bugs would either walk around in circles or stay put. However, it was both fun and annoying when my group tried to put the pill bugs in the chamber and take them out. We had to put a lot of effort to get the pill bugs on to the paint brushes because they would scurry around and it would take a while to find them.

Also, it was cool to see the pill bugs use their defense mechanism (it only happened once) by going into a hard circular shape when being prodded at by a paintbrush.

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This lab had a lot of experimental areas. The amount of water or basic or acidic solution to the paper may have affected results. For the first part of the lab, outside factors could have contributed to the results, such as lighting, vibration, or chemical residue.

Also, as soon as we put all the pill bugs in the chamber, we started the lab. If we had given five minutes or so for the pill bugs to be attributed to the environment, the results would have changed.

For the second part of the lab, the strength of the pH values were a big factor in forming the results, and a change in strength could be a major alteration. In addition, my group did not use the same pill bugs in the second part as we had used in the first part.

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Different pill bugs would have been subject to different things, and so their learned behaviors may be different, which would change the results. No two animals are the same.

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Ap Biology Pill Bug Lab
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