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Enzyme Experiments Ib Paper

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Investigating the effect of changing substrate concentration on the activity of the enzyme catalane The aim of this experiment is to examine how the concentration of a substrate (hydrogen peroxide) affects the rate of reaction of an enzyme catalyst (found in liver cells) Research Question: how does changing the concentration of the substrate affect the rate of reaction of the enzyme catalyst? Hypothesis: As the concentration of the substrate increases, so does the rate of reaction until the reaction reaches a maximum rate.

Essay Example on Ib Biology Enzyme Lab Ideas

Also, as the concentration of the substrate decreases, so does the rate of reaction of the enzyme catalyst. This happens because an increase in the concentration of the substrate means more energize molecules. This results in more frequent collisions between the active site of the enzyme and the substrate; therefore enzyme-substrate complexes are formed much faster and thus a higher rate in reaction occurs. However once all the active sites have been filled up, then increasing the substrate concentration ended this point has no affect as there is no more ‘space’ for a reaction.

Prediction: If the concentration of hydrogen peroxide were to increase, then so would the rate of reaction of the enzyme catalyst. Method: 1. Slice 1. 00 gram of liver using the forceps provided. 2. Prepare a solution of the needed concentration. Ensure solution is 10 CM when mixed. 3. Fill a water bath. Fill up a 100 CM measuring cylinder with water. Flip over the measuring cylinder as to make sure all the water stays within the cylinder and no IR bubbles are present in the cylinder.

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Direct the delivery tube of the bong into the measuring cylinder in the water bath. 4. Place the 1. 00 gram of liver into a conical flask. 5. Pour the 10 CM of mixed solution of hydrogen peroxide and water into the conical flask. Immediately cover the conical flask with the head of the bong. Start the stopwatch. 6. After 30 seconds, take out the delivery tube. Measure the amount of oxygen gas collected. Record result in a table. 7. Repeat for a total of 5 trials. 8. Repeat step 1-7, for all concentrations.

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