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A Local Favorite After graduating college, my plan Is to open up a small sporting goods store In my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland. When decline who I wanted to interview, at the last minute I changed my mind and chose Alan Davis, owner of Princeton Sports and Goods In Columbia, Maryland. I chose to Interview him because of his path he has traveled through life and the steps he has taken to be the best business owner he can be.

He is resourceful and knowledgeable, and he is very charitable, giving to charities and other events that fuel the community of Columbia, Maryland.

Mr.. Davis is halfway through completing his masters. He got his bachelor’s degree from University of Maryland, and he is currently finishing up there by taking one or two classes a year. His degree is in Business, Personnel Management, and Advertising. He is the third generation in his family to own Princeton Sports and Goods, and he did an Incredible amount of volunteer work during and after college.

Mr.. Davis worked his way up the ladder at Princeton Sports, and I feel this Is honorable. He Is very smart and he knows business well.

Princeton Sports Is a landmark In Baltimore, and he runs the store effectively and efficiently. I would Like to be Like this after I graduate college because he Is well-respected and well known In the sporting goods aspect of sales in Maryland. The part of the interview I found most interesting was where Mr.

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. Davis noted that he had done “An INCREDIBLE amount after college. I have served on almost every board in Howard County Including help form the Police Foundation and The Festival of the Arts. I am currently on the Howard County General Hospital Foundation Board”.

Interviewing Business Owners

I found this interesting because for some reason I believed that volunteer work would top after college, and I would go on to living a normal life. Mr.. Davis does a lot of volunteer work now, even when he doesn’t have to. Mr.. Davis Isn’t all business. He is an expert skier, and he Is well known In the area for that. He also admitted that he has had some fun Jobs, working at a ski buyer and Snob Hausa SSL Shop In Long Island, a Job that I personally find very Interesting. It seems like Mr.. Davis knows how to have fun and how to succeed in business very easily. He even believes his job is fun, saying “l own a toy store, everything is fun. Mr..

Davis is a true inspiration to me, leading a business that started with his grandfather and has grown to be one of the biggest sporting empires in the Baltimore Area. He still volunteers and works for charities, even after he has hit the top of the career ladder for himself. Mr.. Davis has taught me that hard work and preparation for the future are the keys to success later in life. From this assignment I learned that I would need to work hard and have a lot of volunteer work to do. I also learned that I shouldn’t expect a great Job right out of allege, that I would probably be starting off by selling skis or living In a box or something.

I also learned that it’s okay to volunteer even after Vive hit the point of success In my career. I have realized that volunteer hours after they are not needed look very good for a person’s character. I Nils Interview NAS not change my calicles to nave my own sporting goods store In the future. I find Mr.. Davis inspiring and intelligent, and I strive to be like him when I get older, so I can profit and have a career close to his. I respect him very much and I hope to be like him when I get older.

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