Factory owner during the Industrial Revolution

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The industrial revolution had clearly, in a profound sense of the word, changed the whole world. The industrial revolution had enabled humanity to live under improved conditions. However, while some are making the best out of the industrial revolution, majority of the population had suffered from the sudden changes in the society. Suppose that I’m a factory owner, I would be belonging to the fortunate portion of the populace. Members of the fortunate portion of the populace must keep in mind that they owe their wealth to the workforce.

Machines could function by themselves, human effort is still essential. And so factory owners, such as myself, should be thankful to the workforce.

The easiest way to show gratitude to the people we are thankful to is to treat them kindly. But of course, as a factory owner, I am still an enterprising man—I still have to consider profit. It may seem conflicting if I say I would still expect large profits if I treat the workers kindly.

However, these contradicting ideas could find an intersecting aspect. I would incorporate a reward system in the workplace. In that way, the workers would improve their productivity.

As a factory owner, I should also keep in mind that the well-being of the business is largely dependent to the well-being of the workers. During the industrial revolution, one of the most prevalent problems of workers is housing. I would not be a factory owner during the industrial revolution if I do not own a relatively vast land area.

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I suppose a few hectares of land would not hurt the business. I would dedicate that few hectares of land as a housing for the workers. Moreover, the housing of the workers would be close to the factory. In that way, they would have problems with transportation.

For the benefit of the workers and to optimize the production of the factory, the working conditions within the factory should also be improved. The facilities need not be high-end, they just need to be user-friendly. As the factory owner, I should find the solutions on how to optimize the productivity of the factory with less effort. The workers are on duty for approximately eight hours. If their work would be technical, it is likely that the workers would be stressed. Ergonomics, or the study of the efficiency of the workers and the workplace, should be treated as a priority. It is just likely that if the workers are healthy, the profits would also be on the same positive status. In addition to that, this aspect would also make the work enjoyable.

The whole benefit system of the factory should be balanced from both sides of the workers and the owner. Workers should be on vacation on weekends and holidays. However, if they took a vacation, they should be augmenting their work hours to compensate. In that way, the productivity of the factory would not be compromised. And in the spirit of fairness, any overtime would be compensated accordingly with the appropriate salary. In that way, the workers would feel that their efforts are being valued by the factory owner.

With regards to salary, which is the foremost significant in the mindset of the workers, they should be paid accordingly as mentioned earlier. In addition to that, there should be a bonus if the workers would be employed for a relatively long time, say maybe a year. In that way, the length of service would be valued and the workers would be encouraged to continue to work for the company.

To be successful as a factory owner during the industrial revolution, I should practice a good owner-worker relationship. People would not love the thing they are doing if they feel that they do not belong. I would have to make them feel that they are a part of the business—simply because they are. I would not treat them as nameless employees only recognizable through ID numbers. I would try my best to call them by their first names. I would make sure that the workers would not feel dehumanized while working. I would have to make sure that they are treated and respected as human beings.

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Factory owner during the Industrial Revolution
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