Starting a Small Business Changes Our Lives


Business is an organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis in order to make a profit. But there is a Business that don’t earn profit for the individual purpose we can called it non-profit organization.


Bisnis adalah suatu organisasi atau sistem ekonomi dimana terjadi proses pertukaran barang dan jasa dengan uang.

Setiap bisnis memerlukan beberapa bentuk investasi dan pelanggan yang hasilnya dapat dijual secara konsisten untuk mendapatkan keuntungan. Tetapi ada Bisnis yang tidak menghasilkan untung untuk kepentingan pribadi atau bersama yang bisa dikatakan sebagai perusahaan nirlaba.


Everybody in this world wishes to be successful in their life, some of people think creating business is the easier way to grow their money getting bigger and bigger, After that, they decided to quit their job and create a business without any knowledge and experience.

They create business to try sell something and receive net profit, In fact, there are a lot of new small business has been closed because they do not manage and think forwardly to the operational cost of the business, so when their store does not have any income or customer, they do not what to do with that situation and mostly they have their own debt, so they decided to closed their business. (Vilandus, 2015)

Starting a small business is not always easy as some people think, there are so many pressure and consideration on making decisions.

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The most common mistakes when create small business are skipping the planning phase without think about business idea research and market potential to their products, Not setting goals to identify where the specific steps to grow the business, and Avoiding new technology, in technology could give an opportunities to work more efficiently and effectively, Unwillingness to adapt technology in business could make the business don’t get a higher profit than they should get (Gregory, 2018a). While starting a small business, 95% of people could not survived until 5 years, means only 5% that survived while doing a small business (Rahmat, 2014).

By looking at the user on Indonesia 265,4 million people who are using the media social, and 132,7 million active users of social media (Laksana, 2018). According to that statistic, that is the big opportunities to company to advertising products or services on internet. By adapting the technology, products or services that company sells can growth faster than company does not use the technology. And also, nowadays customers are like to buy things in online because it is easy to search, more effective, and more efficient. In addition, there are a lot of small business getting bigger when they started to promote on social media. We could take one example from social media called Instagram, in Instagram there are a lot of new small business tried to advertise their goods or services with promotion by endorsement in influencer account that have a lot of followers so their account get promoted and get more buyers.

According to an infographic published by Ambassador, 71% of consumers are will recommend a brand to their society is they have a positive experience on social media.

From the data, we could know that the changing of customer while they are using the social media, using the internet to see the information, and helped customer who have a problem in product or service to contact customer service social media.

According to that figure, the growth of social media users in global average is 21%. And we could say that in Indonesia got the fourth rank at 34% in comparison with Saudi Arabia, USA, and India. And it is getting increasing every year, the user of social media also keep increasing and its help us to increase our sales in social media platform.

Social Media

Nowadays, everybody have their own social media to share about their life, the social media also help people to communication with others. In business, we can use this platform to grow our business and also to earn more profit. The growing of social media is super fast, more people joining social media sites and using it regularly and it is booming like never before.

In social media, we could make an social media campaign to based on our product, so people will influenced by our product, or in social media we could endorse influencer who have a million followers to advestisement our product to their account, when compared to traditional advertising methods it is more efficient and effective to do the advertisement in social media. We also could control our advertisement online easily with the information that provide in social media that we used. So it will help business owners to grow their sales and get more revenues (Smith, 2017).

The importance of social media at business is grow to getting bigger from ever before. A lot of people love to use the social media and used them regularly, developer from social media itself is become bigger in the coming years. By putting your business in social media, the business could connect to the customer or attract attention to customers in the future (Smith, 2017).

Aida Model

AIDA is the marketing model for attract customers while buying product or services means Attention, Interest, Desire, and Interest. AIDA model is also important to attract customer when do the marketing in social media and is the strategy to create brand awareness, grab attention from the customer, held the customer interest, make them to buy. How social media uses the AIDA model to attract customers: is for attention, now social media perhaps uses some kind of technological promotion like SHOOPEE shake to win promotion and buy products for discounts This is promoted through the usage of social media through Instagram and social media celebrities to promote the promotion and bring brand awareness.

After that, enabling this promotion to grabs people’s attention. Once their attention is caught, their interest is caught, they want to find out more regarding the promotion. Then once they find out perhaps by going to the SHOPEE’s website and stuff they maybe more likely to buy products Social media has a way to quickly spread promotions and new products to customers, allowing customers engagement Customers can basically instantaneously give feedback and comment regarding a product and service through social media. Business can then learn from those feedback and critics to improve and adjust their product and service to meet customers’ needs, Therefore bringing customer satisfaction (Hanlon, 2013).

Impact of Small Business

Small Business is independently owned and operated business that numbers of employee not until 500 people or more. (Ferrel, Hirt, & Ferrel, 2016) Do the research for identified business idea through a validation process before go any further, before run the small business, do a research to identifying the market acceptance with your product and prices, do the analysis about the demographic from the products, make a strategy to competing with the other product. After do a research, make a plan about business idea that contains of blueprint that will guide the process of making new small business. Small business could be a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability company (LLC) or Corporation, so when making a future plan to company have to unmistakable and clear. The business entity the company choose will impact many factors from the business name, the liability, to pay a tax (Gregory, 2018b). From small business is also can easily take the advantage of a new trend, or want to explore interesting thing without go to head office and consult (Stedman, 2016).

First of all, the advantages of being small business owner is independence, because being the own boss of business and a lot of freedom to choose the partner while doing business, flexibility to pick time, and option of working at home. Secondly, in terms of costs, small business require less money and less people in comparison with big cooperation, for small business owner can also require part-time worker with a lower salaries and ask their friends or even family to help their work. Thirdly, focus because of many large cooperation compete in mass market with a lot of competitors, but while doing the small business, the target market of small business is not as big as a large company, so it more focus to increase sales in products or increase the quality in service company (Ferrel, Hirt, & Ferrel, 2016). The advantages of small business while using the technology tools is made easier for do business, communicate and grow. When use the technology it is help people to save their time and energy and also improve efficiency (Shane, 2015).

Return on Investment

Return on investment while doing the advertisement on social business is important to calculate, and have to measure very carefully. Now, while company start to advertise their product on social media, company is willing to get the benefit from the money they paid. While doing the promotion on social media to increase sales like Tokopedia, the company doing a lot of advertisement on social media like Youtube to get people attention to the services, because of the advertisement has their own uniqueness and create brand awareness on customer, so the company get the return on investment. And also, running the advertisement on social media has to know “why” to put the promotion on social media like to get more attention in millennial generation, so the company have to understanding the performance and need a data on it and get the great return (Barnhart, 2018).


While doing the marketing model on social media, a lot of people who have seen the advertisement is expected to be curious and want to know more information about the product or services.” …social media advertising budgets are predicted to increase by 32 percent in 2018, and almost double by 2023.” according to the cooper, social media advertising is getting bigger every year, means the company who advertise the product on social media, a lot of people will know about the product, and if more people know about the product, the company will increase their revenue.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is used to increase the society to know about the business more. On social media, a lot of company doing discount to increase brand awareness on social media like when eating in a restaurant and posted the food on social media such as Instagram could get discount. It gives benefit on both side, for customer side they get discount and promoting the store on their social media account, on the other hand, for restaurant, they got promote by decrease their profit, but other people will know more about the company. Brand awareness through social media is a good path to maintain customers while enter the market and also, running ads on social media is to the target specific market like to people in younger age, most like the bright colors and aesthetic looks (LaMarco, 2018).


The framework of thinking in this study is as illustrated in the following diagram. The diagram illustrated that from market the product on social media with AIDA Model expected to give an impact to the small business and increasing the return of investment, revenue, and brand awareness.


Creating small business it is not as simple as other people think because there are so many consideration on decision making process, while doing the process of advertisement it also important to know what is the process to use AIDA model to help company create social media advertisement to grab attention from the customer, held the customer interest with, and also the important thing is make them to buy the product and from the social media marketing is expected to give the impact of small business to get the return on investment, increase the revenue, and get the brand awareness so the customer will do repeat order and creating customer satisfaction.

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