A Creative Speech from the Perspective of a Tobacco Plantation Owner

Good evening all, allow me to introduce myself, I am Marcus James Ipswich of Liverpool, England. I arrived in South Carolina when I was 21 years old. My mother was came from a wealthy family with close ties to the King, My father was a stockbroker who provided us with an extremely lavish life. I attend Anglican services on a weekly basis with my family and my slaves, Currently I own and run a successful tobacco plantation about 12 miles south of Charleston.

The lifestyle of a man such as myself is quite rewarding considering the lack of hard labor that I do on a daily basis.

Every day I wake up to the sounds of my slaves cooking a hearty breakfast in the kitchen, which I then eat with my family After my kids are sent to school, I give my beautiful wife and my slave driver a list of tasks that need to get done My wife makes sure that the slave driver gets the tobacco harvested and loaded into the barrels for shipping before sundownt After I give the slave driver and my wife instructions, I head out to town to the docks and collect my income for my goods that I take with me.

If I have a lot of money, then I usually consider buying a couple extra hands to work in the fields and the manor. I go back to the plantation and eat my supper and have a couple glasses of whiskey before I go to sleep, I repeat this cycle on a somewhat daily basis, excluding Sundays.

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Although a lifestyle like mine comes with many rewards and perks, there are also many downsides to living in a place like South Carolina Here in Charleston, it can get scorching on certain days. Plenty of towns that are close to the Atlantic Ocean in this colony are crawling with Malariai There must be at least 5 people dying in the hospital a day.

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