Objectives of Environmental Education

Laid against an ecological format, the information gleaned through the study of all these varied disciplines gives us a holistic view of the environment for sustaining life On earth on an infinite time scale. The unlimited exploitation of nature (environment) by mankind for the sake of development has threatened the sun. ‘vial of not just human beings but also all other living organisms. The number of living species has decreased, a large number are threatened, and many are even extinct.

What Are The Objectives Of Environmental Education

Human beings too, are suffering from various health problems. Today India is one of the top 10 industrialized countries in the world and the ever-increasing elution levels in its environment are affecting all living organisms. People around the world are enjoying economic growth at the cost of ‘quality of human life’. So the need of the hour is to save our environment by following a suitable developmental policy. This necessitates the knowledge of our environment, its components and the different issues affecting the environment.

Education for environmental awareness is required not only for environmental scientists, engineers, policymakers or Nags, but also for every one of us. Only environmental study can make us conscious and careful bout the environment. Environmental education is aimed at developing environmental ethics in people. It teaches them the importance of conservation of life and biodiversity of the environment. Environmental study also teaches people to understand their role in the environment and learn to live with limited natural resources so as to avoid future disasters.

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The casual attitude of human beings towards the environment and its conservation is the root cause of all environmental problems. Therefore, proper education and public awareness are necessary to tackle environmental problems. Towards this end, environmental studies will provide sufficient knowledge about the philosophy, genesis and consequences of local and global environmental problems and the necessary knowledge for their abatement and control. Thus, for a sustainable environment and for the survival of the present and future generations, environmental education is necessary.

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Aim Of Environmental Studies
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