Essay on My Aim In Life

Ever since I can remember, I recall always being curious about the reasons that make consumers squander money on designer clothing while more and more new brands have appeared on the market with much more diverse and cheaper items. That is one of many reasons why I choose TIU as the ultimate choice to answer my question.

Despite being an English-specialized student in high school, through much research and self-analysis, I have decided that a career in business and economics is for me as I have always wanted to know how to analyze the market mechanism, the behaviour of consumers and producers, how to make the market operate efficiently, and from there in the future I can apply the knowledge I have learned to set strategy to achieve my goals.

I have also learned what volunteering really is and how that pays off when you can see the changes you have made. That happened through The Rodzina, one of my extracurricular activities, with enthusiasm and sincerity, I cast aside my initial inhibition and managed to raise a small fund for disabled children.

What I have seen through makes me realize that I aspire to a profitable business that could brighten up the lives of many.

During my summer break, I got the chance to be a participant of the Summer 2019 TIU Experience. Although I was only there for 7 days, it was of great use as it gave me a great insight into each Department. I am especially drawn to Business Economics Department.

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Instead of learning in a traditional lecture-based environment, I notice that TIU’s professors offer different approaches to try to engage students in lectures. Besides getting a knowledge base, I have strong faith in being part of cohorts where my classmates can exchange thoughtful perspectives. I also notice that TIU graduates also have the chance to further their studies at any other renowned overseas universities over 50 countries. Furthermore, The Career Services Office provides various support mechanisms to students, helping them to pave the way for high achieving careers in Japan or beyond. Not to mention, with the location in Saitama – a vibrant city that is close to, yet far enough from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, I can have the chance to get access to industry-leading companies and make it easier to achieve my goals. Taking courses in Japan, a country with highly advanced economy, is a blessing to those after Business Economics like me, combined with the cultural diversity of TIU’s campuses, my horizons shall be broaden as business leaders need to be able to communicate cross-culturally.

My future aim is to start up a business which is not only profitable but also assists the lives of people out there, no matter who they are. TIU’s combination of state-of-the-art facilities, diverse student body and active-learning methods makes it the ideal environment for my business career. This is where I can learn from the elementary to advanced knowledge of running a business, challenge myself to acquire expertise and skills. What I learn in TIU will let me step into the world as a business manager with confidence. I see TIU as opportunity and challenge, and I look forward to taking my education to a higher level.

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