How To Start A Business Essay

This sample paper on How To Start A Business Essay offers a framework of relevant facts based on recent research in the field. Read the introductory part, body, and conclusion of the paper below.

The business essay is a type of the written piece, which uses formal language, has a defined structure and organization. It delivers a specific, precise, and coherent information on the chosen economic topic. We can divide the essay into various subtypes of the composition. Yet, the most typical types are the memo, executive summary, and plan.

Nevertheless, everybody believes that business essay is not only related to finance, economic topics, project management, organizational management, marketing or HR disciplines. Also, we can use this type of the composition as a formal or semi-formal written piece to communicate with colleagues, employers, and partners.

From this perspective, we believe that one, who wants to start a business essay, should learn the essence of such paper writing. So that it will be easier to implement and organize the formal writing, by showing more content, knowledge, and skills.

What does Business Essay encompass?

First of all, to understand how the small business essay or plan should be organized, it is recommended to revise or learn what information a writer represents in these pieces.

Essay On Starting A Business

The business essay contains precise and accurate information about the chosen topic and articulates over coherent and credible data. It is possible to use graphics, charts, and tables to enrich the data. Thus, this should be done very carefully to do not overwhelm the paper.

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Besides, the essay does not represent someone’s opinion; at least, it is not the memo or business plan style, or evaluation paper. Moreover, the business writing does not contain descriptive information, summary or reflection part. It is vital to correspond to the formal style, using unbiased, objective, and comprehensive data.

On the other hand, the plan, as the subtype of the business writing, can contain phrases or sentences which correspond to the recipient. Beyond, the structure of this writing allows using bullet prints or semi-formal style to represent the message. Nevertheless, it is recommended to write a plan as the supportive part of the specific data representation. Such as financial reports, annual reports, forecasts, and economic proposals.

Nevertheless, the mentioned above information is an introductory description rather than a “golden standard.” As there is no specific rules or recommendation about topics or limitations in ways to represent the information in the executive essay.

Choosing Appropriate Style and Information Representation

Proper phrasing: the business essay articulates and uses the specific economic and business terminology. So that the writing should avoid simple phrases or idioms that may deformed thoughts and data presented in the paper. Besides, the essay should adequately use and combine tenses and passive forms. Yet, this mostly depends on the type of work, which should be done.

Note: The business writing is a coherent and precise piece of paper. So that a writer should exclude tautology, jargon, and wordiness from the essay.

Alternating Word Forms: the most convenient way of expressing an author’s thought in the personal interpretation of the message and word change and formation techniques. Therefore, it may be problematic, because certain words undergo a slight shift in meaning when they change forms. So, one should be very attentive when makes any alterations.

Tip: If some words cause trouble to translate or define, it is better to use the dictionary to double-check the meaning and use of the word. Besides, the correct use of prepositions should be attentively considered, as some business terminology may change meaning with different prepositions.

Reliability/Credibility of Sources

Reliability means that the sources used in your writings are accurate and trustworthy. We suggest that the following steps in defining the credibility of sources:

  1. a) Define the authorship.
  2. b) Define how recent the source is.
  3. c) Define the author’s purpose.
  4. d) Define the types of sources valued by your audience.
  5. e) Avoid non-reliable Internet sources.

Note: A credible academic source is written by an author who has an academic standing (the opinions of such an author are respected). Such references should contain the date of their publication, which helps the reader identify the relevance of the source to the current state of events and be available for the reader. Before being published, such sources as books and journals are usually reviewed by other professionals in the same field of knowledge (peers). Such peer-reviewed sources are authoritative enough to be used for academic purposes.

In the business field, some papers may contain data provided by organizations, international and local institutions, companies’ annual, quarterly, and sustainability reports. We should note that before selecting any organization or company for further analysis for example use, it is vital to check some additional information about them. Their expertise, and reputation in the selected industry.

Business Essay Structure and Organization

The typical business essay has the introductory part, main body, and conclusion. Each of these parts should be united with each other not only be the idea or topic of the essay. But also with appropriately chosen transitions to preserve the logic and consistency of the paper.

Introduction: usually about 3-4 sentences. Should not exceed the following body paragraph. The opening contains a hook – a phrase, which from the first line intends to grasp the reader’s attention subconsciously motivating him to read up to the end. And a Thesis Statement:  The last sentence of your Introduction, where you take the specific position you are going to stick to in your paper. This sentence is mandatory!

Main Body: consists of three-four well-written paragraphs. Each paragraph contains the opening sentence, which introduces the main sub-idea of the paper. The next 2-3 sentences provide evidence, data, example or estimations to support the sub idea. The last sentence of the paragraph restates the message of the section, creating a link to the next paragraph and the main idea of the paper.

Topic sentence

Each body paragraph of your paper should start with a topic sentence. It is a statement that you are going to discuss, claim or oppose in the following paragraph.

Paragraph – a professional writer should remember that a paragraph is a single “unit” of a paper. Reading the section, the reader expects to see the well-elaborated representation of a single point or thought and found proper support for that point. Violating this expectation (wandering paragraphs, aimlessly splitting into some ideas, often unrelated; declaration of ideas without evidence or support) makes the paper unreadable, signifies of a poor writing style, and lack of paper readability.

Conclusion: the last sentence of your paper, which finalizes your article by providing the results of your research, assumptions or proposals. The key points are given and defended in the body of your writing. The conclusion should not contain any new positions or data, as it should not raise any more questions.

Primary Structure: Introduction and Conclusion is a MUST to be in every paper. Each paragraph should contain, at least, three sentences. Body paragraphs should provide references when the need to support your points arises.

In Case Something Goes Wrong

The process of the small business plan writing is not so challenging as one’s might suggest. Thus, there are moments, when you have no time or resources to complete your business essay. The reason can vary from lack of coherent business outline, inappropriate business plan, untypical business plan or essay model or requirements. Nevertheless, there is no need to delay or abandon starting a business essay. You can always ask for the help or advise, and TheWriteMyEssay service will come in handy. We offer highly-qualified professional business plan writing services in small business essays. Compounding one-page business plans, and creating and organizing executive summary business plans.

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