Physical Appearance Research Paper

H. D. said that ” when some someone is using steroids, he has psychological disorders that increase when the use stops. One disorder is anxiety from the loss of the superior feeling you get from the drug” (43). Moreover, H. D. notes that many people in the world too depend on the effect of steroids which damage their lives a lot. His case shows how an unconfident person almost killed his life to achieve his perfect body image. By the same token, Lesley Owusu provides two examples in her article “Weighty Issues.

She mentions that one woman committed suicide because of physical appearance , even though the woman had a good job. Another case is about a young girl who suffered from an eating disorder (4). Owusu notes that ” both victims battled problems with their body image and physical appearance” (4). According to Carri Kirby, who is a mental health counselor in the University of Nebraska, “[people who have] body image and eating disorder …. seek to discover their identities” ( Owusu 4).

What’s worse, Owusu notes that media causes people to have the wrong concept for their body images.

In other words, she points that “people are killing themselves for unrealistic physical standards dictated by our popular culture” (4). Like Owusu’s points, Nicole Overman also thinks that ” society has created its own image of beauty and everyone spends their own lives conforming to it” (291). In other words, people can easily see women with big breasts everywhere (292). Overman points that ” society views women with perfect bodies as having big breasts” (292).

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Therefore, many women run the risk of damaging their health to achieve the society’s view of beauty

Physical Appearance Research Paper

image (292). So many women decide to have cosmetic surgery for breast implants. However, the side effect of breast implants may be horrible. According to some women’s experience who have had breast implants, “[the] effect [is] like crippling fatigue, joint pain, and irritable skin…. For some it was as serious as being infected with inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis, burning lungs, seizures…. ” (Overman 293). Silicone is the main material for breast implants, so silicone may cause women’s breasts to become solid or silicone may be broken.

What’s worse, implants may move their places from breasts to neck or armpit (Overman 293). Therefore, these women will have to spend more money taking them away (293). On the other side, those women who have had breast implants are still are not happy. Overman says,” [women] get a lot more attention, but it often isn’t the attention they are looking for” (294). Men are just interested in women’s big breasts, instead of their characteristics or other physical aspects (Overman 294). To sum up, it is true that physical appearance plays an important role in

people’s lives. However, people can easily make up their defects of their appearance with correct ways and concepts. For example, people can behave themselves in good manners, or they don’t have to focus on their physical appearance too much. In my opinion, everyone has his or her own qualities which are special and attractive. Most important of all, like Overman says, ” [people] need to learn to be happy with what they have and not try to change what’s naturals” (294). Moreover, people are supposed

to transform the value of beauty; inner beauty is more important than physical appearance. “[Then] the society needs to stop defining a woman by how big her breasts are” (Overman 294). Since people’s value of beauty is affected by the society’s image, the view of society is suppose to be changed by people’s efforts. Jenny Jones is a good example to assist women’s issues on cosmetic surgery. Moreover, she plans to provide knowledge to students in schools in the feature that they don’t’ have to care too much about others’ view of ideal beauty (Overman 294).

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