The Medias Influence on a Males Physical Appearance

The following example essay on “The Medias Influence on a Males Physical Appearance” talks about how the media negatively manipulates and influences adolescents, which lead them astray, and if people continue to remain ignorant to it, our world will continue to collapse.

Besides the medias influence on a males physical appearance, they also partake in the pessimistic guidance of a males mentality. Media such as music, music videos and movies cause men to degrade women, by calling them out their names.

Words expressing hate and disrespect toward girls and women are used frequently in popular media and especially on TV and radio (Media Influence on Youth).

Young males are exposed and surrounded by a lot of media which portray and reveal negative terms used against women.

By hearing it so much they are easily manipulated to apply those impertinent words against girls, even against other males. Use of words derogatory to girls and women like bitch, slut, whore, and ho can be heard on many TV and radio programs, especially those watched and listened to by kids (Media Influence on Youth). Those words are stated throughout various forms of media, especially in hip-hop music, in which youth males extremely favor.

Hip-pop continues to display its clich? about the luxury of having money, drugs and lavish things. Current rappers such as Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Young Jeezy make music which discusses the following: their wealth, drugs they use, drugs they sell, and the deluxe things that they have. As young males idolize such rappers, they tend to live under the influence instead of above it.

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Directed by the false hip-pop music, young males begin using drugs, and also selling drugs to gain revenue, so that they can get the luxurious things that the famous rappers obtain.

In addition to those, Hip pop music and other similar genres heavily promote sex, which also influences young males to participate in it. As males hear rappers talk about their sexual experiences, their curiosity takes place which then leads them to having sex. Similar to females, young men also engage in improper dancing at parties when listening to sexual explicit music. Young men have easy access to pornographic media as well, which plays a major role in the influence of youths involvement in sex. They can easily surf the worldwide web and find various pornographic sites. Such sites should not be accessible by adolescents.

The medias pervasive influence has negatively affected several aspects of society and thus, concerned citizens should be vocal about ways to limit/curtail this influence and reinstall the family values which this country was founded upon. Getting negative ideas and promotions out of todays media will be a tough task to complete, but it can be done.

The media has been showcasing pessimistic values for a long time and it seems to get worse each year. Action needs to be taking against it, before things get even worse. Simple steps such as limiting the intake of the medias negativity can reduce the influence it has on people. The less people give their attention to the media, the less they get influenced by it. If people are disciplined enough, this simple action can lead to a much greater way of overcoming the negative influence that the media has. Protests can take place as well, but it will take a massive amount of supporters for it to be successful and effective.

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The Medias Influence on a Males Physical Appearance
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