Individual Health of a Person Solely By His Appearance

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In today’s society it is common for people to judge a person’s individual health solely based off of their appearance. By examining aspects such as weight and physical appearance, people tend to make misconceptions on how a person may feel emotionally. Our ideas of wellness are shaped mainly off of what we can see around us. Unfortunately many people may feel like assumptions have already been made about them which can prevent them from seeking future help if needed.

Our society tends to think that individuals who have wealth, good looks, and successful opportunities are happier than the rest of us when in fact a lot of those folks tend to have just as much stress and trouble happening in their lives much like everyone else.

Maintaining positive levels of health and wellness should come first in a person’s life however society promotes stressful situations which makes it tough for individuals to focus on their well-being instead of all the other busy aspects occurring in their lives.

Wellness is made up of multiple dimensions in a person’s life and involves the process through which a person achieves a balance between all of those dimensions. There are eight dimensions in wellness and when one of the connected dimensions is unbalanced it can have an effect on other areas in a person’s life. The emotional aspect contains the ability to create satisfying relationships with others and to be able to cope with triumphs throughout life.

The environmental dimension talks about the types of surroundings we encounter that influence our general health.

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Financial is about being satisfied with the amount of money you own. Intellectual includes finding ways to improve your knowledge and recognize creative abilities. The occupational function discusses being satisfied with your overall work. The physical component relates to staying active, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep. Lastly, the social and spiritual dimensions are all about the sense of belonging and finding purpose within a meaningful life. Together all eight of these dimensions make up a person’s overall wellness and lead to their well-being carried out through these functions in their daily lives.

A topic we have learned about is the importance of fairness and how meaningful it is to a person’s wellness, which has helped me put into perspective the need for a person to not only feel they are treated fairly, but also feel like they have meaning in life. Both of these are central to how a person interacts with their world as our health and overall wellness depends on those kinds of interactions. Some people lack the ability to effectively communicate how they are feeling with others and even towards themselves. They may avoid emotions in attempts to make them go away as that is common way society has taught us to deal with our problems, which can be seen in the saying, “Fake it until you make it,” which I have personally embraced during times when I was not feeling so positive mentally. While some people need a creative outlet to express themselves, others may need to learn how to cope with their emotions and find creative freedom in their preferences.

More people are seeking professional help however when they are unsure about their well-being which is important as communication is so crucial in improving an individual’s mental health. (Dukes) In my future field of business administration, many individuals are taught to maintain positive health to deal with the heavy stress that can set in during difficult times in our careers. Individuals who make healthy choices for their physical bodies, eat healthy, and get appropriate levels of rest seem to perform better in handling the responsibilities that come with my career field than those who lack personal care for themselves. Finding the right amount of sleep seems to be the main concern as high output lives require long, stress-filled hours that often take away evening hours meant for sleeping. (Kohll) Those who cannot find appropriate levels of sleep can get depressed very quickly and find themselves in difficult wellness states due to the heavy demand of the business industry. (Kohll) This is important to remember for myself when I become established in my career field as I must make sure that I do not have too much on my plate that could pose a threat towards my wellness.

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