A Discussion on Chris Kyle and His Life in the US Navy and His Work Ethics

Topics: Work Ethic

Achievement adds a lot of value to the life of an individual. Chris Kyle is seen to be the most successful Navy Seals in American history. This is seen from the number of medals and achievements he has won in his life as a US Navy. From research it can be seen that Kyle had some Machiavellian traits which he used to ease his work. In an article, he says that he was put in a position where he had more opportunities for killings.

He says he used a ballistic computer to tell him everything he had to do. This made him to be more so like a monkey on the gun.

In an interview, Kyle said that he did not regret any of the killings he had done while in Iraq. This gives him another trait as being very egocentric. He says that he cannot risk one of his own men being taken down; he instead takes anyone in the opponent’s side down before it is too late.

He calls himself a refined assassin whose kills are smart. His kills were motivated from the first kill. This is evident from his book where he says that after the first one the rest come easy.

In an interview, he says that he is a better father and husband than a sniper. In his book, he says that one is more aggressive at work than when at home. At home he relaxes a lot and pretends to be a calm and cool guy.

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He also states his difficulties in settling as a civilian after dropping from the navy. From this summary, it can be seen that Kyle had a good perception in his work, good values to be embraced and followed the ethics of his work.

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