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Chris, played by Daniel Kaluya, and his girlfriend rose, played by Allison Williams, are now at the stage in their relationship where it is time to meet-the-parents. She invites him to her parents home up-state and at first they nice but as the weekend progresses a chain of progressively alarming events lead him to the truth. Chris is eventually subdued but manages to escape and is ultimately rescued by his bestfriend rod. The film’s plot is mostly straightforward for the most part but it is also underlined with subtle hints for the audience to pick apart.

These hints follow the theme of racism, and more depth to the movie, and contribute to the narrative of the story.

On their way to the Armitage’s house, a dear runs out in front of their car and is hit which results in Rose pulling the car to a screeching halt. They both quickly exit the vehicle. Chris heeds to the deers agonizing groans and slowly approaches it.

The camera focuses in on this moment as Chris watches the deer die. Fast forward a bit further into the film where the audience learns about the death of his mother. She was hit by a car on her way home from work and died on the side of the road. “I found out later that she had survived the initial hit”, says Chris in a later scene where confides in rose. Peele used the dear as a metaphor for the suppressed memories of his mother and personifies her in the deer.

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After the car accident with the deer, a police officer arrives and and begins speaking with rose. The cop then asks for Chris’s ID, seeming to be being a racist jerk. Thats when Rose quickly defends him and tells him to not give the cop is ID. The cop, in this scene, is supposed to represent racist dogma. Rose is depicted as the white knight. The cop is supposed to be this racist trope that all white male cops are racist. It is something that is expected in our modern day society to the point where it is now become a societal norm. This scene proves to be ironic considering rose and her families true intentions. Now knowing that rose is, in fact, racist herself, it poses the question as to why she stood up for him against the police officer? After some investigating, many fans, myself included, concluded that rose was not sticking up for Chris but in fact was only trying to avoid a paper trail. When Chris inevitably goes missing, police would be able to link him being with her as the last known person he was with before going missing. This plays hand in hand to strengthen the audience’s trust in roses intentions and to prove herself even more to Chris resulting in it being less likely for him to doubt her.

Get out, for a majority of the film, is filled with white people with only a few black characters. An Asian man is shown quite briefly in the cocktail party scene of the movie. He is the only non- black person of color in the entire film. In this scene, Chris has somewhat paraded around and is asked odd questions about his race. The Asian man asks Chris if he thinks “being African- American in America has more disadvantages or advantages?”. An article on titled why the Asain cha character in get out matters, really analyzes the significance of this character. As we all know, Asians have endured their fair share of racial oppression and racial injustices. Basically, the Asian character is trying to see if being black in America would be any better than being Asian in America.

When Chris is ultimately subdued by the family, they place him in a room and strap him to a chair. Chris watched a tape where Roman Armitage (roses grandfather) explains to him why what is happening to him is transpiring. He also has a video call with the man who would be taking his body. The blind man explains to him that he could care less about his skin color and only wants his eyes to be able to see again. This could be also in the sense that he want chris artistic eye as well because they both deal in the realm of photgrapghy. The Armitage’s explanation for why they force him to watch what is playing on the tv is that it is to “prepare him for the transplantation”. Each occasion that the tv is turned on, Chris subsequently awakens from unconsciousness, he is swiftly returned to a state of unconsciousness by hearing the clinks of roses mothers teacup, a recurring motif in the film.

When Chris gets nervous, he scratches at things. This habit that he has is shown twice before in the movie. First time being while he was being initially hypnotized by the mother and the second time during a flashback he had in that same scene where he scratches at his bedpost from nervousness over his mother whereabouts. Those two scenes correlate with this one because Chris also scratches at the couch he is being held captive in. This situation that he is in is so traumatic for him that he scratches away at it to the point where he breaks through the initial layer of the material that the couch is made from. Underneath is another layer of cotton. Chris picks at it and uses it as earplugs to protect him from the next time the teacup would be used. The next time the teacup is used, Chris fakes going back unconscious. Jeremy, roses brother, unties Chriss seemingly unconscious body and Chris hits him over the head with a ball. Jeremy falls to the floor bleeding, appearing to be dead. This action of him picking the cotton is an ironic aspect that peele included in the movie with a direct correlation to slavery and slaves having to pick cotton to save themselves from the even harsher treament they’d receive if the refused despite the already harsh treatment . Chris picked the cotton to save and free himself from the armitages. Black slaves had to pick cottom to avoid being whipped and to all in all, keep their lives.

Rose is sitting in her room listening to music whilst browsing on her laptop. She searches for top NCAA prospects. The audience can conclude that she is searching for the next victim and the criteria for this new person is for them to talented at basketball. While she is making her search, she is eating froot loops. What makes this odd is that she eats the cereal and drinks the milk separately. Some fans have theorized that the purpose of this aspect is to outline racist beliefs that whites and colors are supposed to be separate. As interesting and clever this theroy seemed to be, it was quickly debunked by Jordan Peele himself in a vanity interview on youtube. The actual reason for rose eating the cereal an milk seperately was just to show the luncy of roses as a character.

Jordan Peele directorial debut, get out, is an American comedy-horror movie. Peele uses the film to express the fears of racism against black people in America but he also adds an underlining aspect to the film. Fans took pleasure in finding the little eggs that peele placed throughout the movie. Fans flooded the internet with conspiracy theories and wild ideas concerning the hints and special moments throughout the movie. The movie get out is the type of movie that is meant for the audience to watch more than once. It is nearly impossible to capture everything that the film incompasses in the first or even the second round of watching the film. In a vanity, fair interview Jordan addresses these fan theories and closes out saying, “id never thought that people would pick up on this stuff so fast”. He goes on to say that he is “inspired to bring more.” Jordan subltly folded these hints so seamlessly into the plot of movie and in such a way that finding one instantaneously gave the audience a sense of instant self- gratification.

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